Wednesday, May 06, 2009

An unfamiliar face and the grass looks greener to you

Video check in!

Gathania's "Blame It On You," which I wrote about back when it was named "Blackout," is set for a UK release on June 15. The accompanying video has just come out. It's still the song, from the Von Der Burg Productions team behind September, which is the real joy, but how amazing does Gathania look in that leather outfit with her hair up in the laser scenes? I don't want to read too much into the video, which is basically just pop froth, but it is nice to see the whole "gorgeous girls flashing some skin" angle actually being ultimately used in a semi-empowering way--not, as I said, that this is some big statement that would hold up to academic dissection, but it's just a nice little change from what I was expecting.

I love the Catchy Tunes label--not all their releases do as well as they should, but I'm so grateful somewhere exists that enables great Swedish dance-pop to have a home. Despite probably all logic (well, it might do well in Eastern Europe), they've apparently still got some hope in Marie Serneholt's "Disconnect Me" (which I still think is better than most people think it is), revealing a video for the song. Sure, you won't be mistaking it for a big budget American or British video any time soon, but I'm mainly grateful that someone is trying to breathe some life into the song at all. Incidentally, the single cover for "Disconnect Me" is still surely one of the best of the year so far. Marie is and has the potential to be such a great popstar; I really hope she finds some success, be it with this song or one in the (preferably near-ish) future.

Everywhere else on the Internet has already written about VV Brown's strummy summery pop "Shark In The Water," so all I really have to say is this: yes, it's great. Out on June 8 in the UK, according to Popjustice.

Speaking of Popjustice, their line "That was simultaneously the most gay and the most straight thing we've ever seen" is exactly what I thought when I saw the UK version of the video for one of my favorite singles of last year, the '80's-sounding dance-pop song "In The Heat Of The Night" by Star Pilots.


beE said...

I'm not a big fan of the Disconnect Me Video (I was expecting MORE than this). Also where's the dances like they did on Melodiefestivalen? Hahaha...

But still, I adore her so much and the song for sure!

I think I'm obssesssssed MORE than before! (it means right after the split of A*Teens)

Ahhh, I missed them now... DANG!


Paul said...

i think the british credit crunch would be vastly more bearable if star pilots were massive with this, then their cover of the one and only.

And i still adore marie even though she took a bit of an online battering for Disconnect Me. Which i happen to be quite pleased with :)

Damian said...

What a surprise!!! They released "Blame it on you" video before "Get it out". I love Gathania and I love Gathania with leather even more! She's beautiful and incredibly talented! But for me it sounds like vocals on Blackout was clear and ready 100% and vocals for "Blame it on you" kinda little rough, probably that's why I prefer "Blackout".
And I love new videos of Marie and Pilots also. Marie has a lot of very beautiful images though I'm not in love with this green shade. Video of Pilots is simple but it's very qualitative.

Very beautiful version of Moving On being released digitally on iTunes along with few Soundfactory mixes -

Aaron said...

Can't wait for pretty much all of them!

Looking forward to Gathania, and I hope that Disconnect Me is as good as the snippets make it sound...

Ahhh - I love sweden...

Yuяi said...

I love it how you feature a song and it immediately becomes a must-have song for me! Once we hit the chorus on Gathania's "Blame It On You", I was already googling for the download links! Great stuff!

Poster Girl said...

Yeah, the video definitely could have been better and doesn't stand up to something like, say, the A*Teens' one for "I Promised Myself," but I'm relieved to know that her label/management isn't just letting the song die. Maybe you could argue the money would be better spent developing a song that connects with more people, but I hope they keep Marie on their roster.

Paul, wouldn't it just! I think the same would be true for the U.S.

What an unexpected but welcome release from Sarah! I wonder when we'll get that album...Gathania looks amazing.

Aaron, so do I :D

Great news, Yuri! So glad you like it.

Anonymous said...

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