Saturday, February 28, 2009

Can you feel the heat is on?

I'm going to end up spending way too much money tonight preordering all the Melodifestival-related albums. Add to that the fact that I've already bought Rebeka Dremelj's new album as well as the Melodifestival digital singles that I can and it's going to be a very expensive evening.

I hope, though, that anyone who reads this blog and loves Melodifestivalen is planning on buying the official album and/or buying the albums of those artists whose music you like (and remember, it's not just a matter of supporting the singer but the writers, too).

I'm hoping and trusting that you all will, though, so I'm going to offer up a couple of presents. Before you ask, no, I don't have Alcazar/Måns/Malena or probably what you want (yet...fingers crossed!) apparently crossing your fingers works!; I've only got a handful of tracks.

(I know this may seem hypocritical coming after a plea to buy music, but please don't just take these links and spread them around everywhere--link people here.)

Picking what to share was difficult, but here's the song we've been waiting for since its disqualification during the first semifinal (isn't that cover fantastic? The studio version of the song makes me feel even more justified in my love of it) and here's the "In The Heat Of The Night" meets "Waiting For A Star To Fall" (thanks, Rick!) song that qualified to the semifinal tonight (I'm so glad it turned out to have cowbell in it).

You can buy both of these songs by buying Melodifestivalen 2009 here (physical).


Aaron said...

Rebeka Dremelj has a new album? Do you have a Link???

One thing - Have we worked out what's going to be on the special edition of MZW???

I think I'm going to buy The Queen, MZW and the MF Soundtrack - and I already have Dance! love! Pop!

Damian said...
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Damian said...

Thanx so much for Marie, dear! Studio version is awesome as it was expected. I really hope that Sarah will be able now to break sales and will have a chance to get to the final and surprise us.

Euro Sheep said...

I have the album on pre-order as I speak! I have a Swedish friend who is going to send me a copy to avoid paying the evil postage and package charges *boo* and I cannot wait to get my hands on it!!! It's definitely going to be my most played album of the year, just like 2008!

Euro Sheep said...

oh, and sorry for double commenting but I know what you mean about 'expensive evenings' - I've got Alcazar, BWO, Velvet, Måns and Lili & Susie on pre-order (albums, that is) and I'm eagerly waiting for EMD, Agnes and Scotts to be re-packaged so I can finally own a physical copy of their albums!

Hurrah for Sweden!

Poster Girl said...

Aaron, my fellow Rebeka appreciator! I bought a digital version from here mainly because my life wasn't going to be complete until I had that song she performed in the interval of the Slovenian final. No, I haven't figured out the MZW thing, which is driving me crazy. At least one store says both albums are one disc and the tracklistings given are the same and his official site doesn't even mention the special edition yet. Maybe one just has more pictures in the booklet? *orders special edition*

(Really, though, I want to know the difference, too; I imagine I'll end up getting the special edition, but I'd like to know what the difference is first.)

Damian, she could very well have one of those acts that connects with the Swedish public more after seeing it a few times, like Shirley's "Min kärlek" or Alcazar's past songs. I'm glad you're happy with Marie's studio version, too!

Oh, now you're lucky--those import fees are going to drive me into debt one of these days, I swear! Another hurrah for the country we can't help sending all our money too!