Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm gonna get stronger now

Oh, Sweden, you were so close to giving me the top five I'd been dreaming of! Poor Anna--she just can't get a break. I did always know Thorleifs were likely to be in the top five, though, and I like their song, too--I just loved five others so much more.

Still, four out of five favorites isn't bad...but "Killing Me Tenderly" is such a good song that it really deserved better than seventh.

Let's see what happens next...

Oh, and I still live in hope of some day getting more music from Jessica Andersson. I'll even be willing to overlook underwhelming "Kom," Jessica!

Edit: I'm going to enjoy Darin's performance and try to forget for a moment how painful this top four announcement is going to be.

Edit again: this night needs its own proper post. For now, though, if you didn't watch it live, SVT has videos of every performance--not just the disqualified ones--from this year's Melodifestival that you can watch.


Bas said...

poor Sarah! I thought she gave the best performance and certainly had the best song... :(

Absolut Bortglömd said...

someone wake me up with this is over.

MF 2009: Absolut Bortglömd! how appropriate.

Damian said...

I could survive when Anna+Maria were eliminated though they were second for me in this semi and their 7th place is another pain for me (like Nina and Velvet). But Sarah!!! It's the biggest tragedy of this year on MF. She could be so high on Eurovision. It's the best song of this MF. Now swedes lost their chance to get to the TOP-10 of Eurovision final. I can't believe it... Though this year Eurovision turns to be the weakest ever. I have only three big favorites - Finland, Iceland and Spain.

Poster Girl said...

Bas, I think and hope she'll surely make it to the final and, as I said in a comment on another post, I wouldn't be surprised at all if she had one of those songs that connects more with the Swedish people once they see it more than once.

I may have laughed at that skit, but there's been more than enough to remember for good reasons from this year's Melodifestival for me.

Damian, what's happening to all the songs you cheered for? Sarah still has a chance to do well at the final, I think/hope, but I agree with you about Eurovision this year--it's really underwhelming. I was playing the 2006 album a few days ago and reliving how many great songs there were that year; another modern vintage year like that would be the stuff dreams are made of--hopefully we get a great winner this year who inspires some good choices for 2010.