Saturday, February 28, 2009

In my every dream

With information taken from Alcazar Magic via PopJustice, here's the tracklisting of the new Alcazar album, Disco Defenders, complete with my notes on the songs. It's set to come out March 11, though that's a tentative release date.

1.) We Keep On Rockin' (the first single released by this incarnation of Alcazar and I still love it all this time on; I really should have put it on my year end singles countdown. Anyway, it's Anders Hansson at work, producing upbeat pop-disco in classic Alcazar style.)
2.) Burning (I introduced you all to a clip of this a while back before it spread all over the Internet, and the group has since performed the song live. It's done by Empire Music, the same people who are behind Star Pilots, the production of the West End Girls' songs, a lot more great stuff. "Burning" is, from the sounds of it, absolutely fantastic. It's a bit more on the dance-pop side than, say, "We Keep On Rockin'" and you can hear that it's done by the same people who make Star Pilots' songs.)
3.) Stay The Night (their a-maz-ing Melodifestival entry this year. I think it might come out this evening, though I'm not positive of that fact. Anyway, at least up until this point, it's by far the best song in the contest this year.)
4.) From Brazil With Love (written or co-written by Danny)
5.) Inhibitions (another Anders Hansson work and, as I've said before, it wasn't quite what I was hoping for in terms of second single. There's something kind of "minor" musically about it. "Stay The Night" shows that Alcazar don't have to be making pure disco frothiness for me to love their songs, but "Inhibitions" isn't quite the right kind of "cool" for me. It's still an OK song, mind--just not as great as many others we've heard from them.)
6.) Harlem Nights
7.) Baby (written by the Pet Shop Boys, back when Alcazar were a four-piece, but they broke up too early to do the song then. Now, we'll finally get to hear it)
8.) Jump Straight Into The Fire (I've mentioned this song on here before, too. It's written by Anton Malmberg Hård af Harsted, who's behind--get ready for this--Magnus Carlsson's "Walking In My Shoes," Velvet's "Sound Of Music," and Lutricia McNeal's "Same Same Same." That's a pretty amazing disco-tastic line-up right there, so I've got high hopes for something great. Anton also wrote Luigi Masi's "Strangers Again," which, as I've said before, I really like.)
9.) My My Me and Mine
10.) Funky Town (the group has been performing their cover of this old disco song for a while now)
11.) Put The Top Down (I can't 100% promise you this, but I'm nearly positive that you can listen to the demo--as in, not sung by Alcazar and quite possibly with a very different arrangement from what we'll end up hearing--of this song here. I mean, it's got the same title, Alcazar themselves have said this song was written by Figge Böstrom who also co-wrote that demo, and the group's statement that the song "[m]akes you wanna go cruising at Ocean drive with the wind in your hair" fits perfectly for it. I really like it; it's got this strummy guitar background that gives a little bit of a laid-back vibe to the song while still keeping it happy and not down-tempo.)
12.) Thank You
13.) Stay The Night (FL Club mix)

1.) This Is The World We Live In

2.) Crying At The Discoteque

3.) Ménage à Trois

4.) Sexual Guarantee

5.) Don't You Want Me

6.) Start The Fire

7.) Shine On

8.) Not A Sinner Nor A Saint

9.) Physical

10.) Ritmo del amor

11.) Alcastar

12.) Love Life

13.) Someday


Paul said...

gayest cover ever, smashing the previous record holder (Danny) by several hundred points. I would totally buy this album just for the cover, so it helps that the songs on it sound very exciting. BWO had better pull it out the bag to compete with this (musically, not coverally! Their sci-fi cover is poles apart from this)...

Bas said...

I am gonna love this!

Schlager Queen said...

actually almost cried schlager tears at that cover love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

For some reason ive never particulary been fond of Alcazar.
They have the odd good song but theres always been something slightly irritating about them for me.
'Stay The Night' is pretty good though.

Eee Melodifestivalen is on at the moment im guessing.
Though i havent had chance to watch it online so will have to wait for it on youtube later.
Hopefully Agnes will be sailing through :D

Im happy to finally say the album ive been working on for the past 6 months is almost nearing completion so i shall be making a myspace music account soon and hopefully people are going to like it.
Its very much pop pop pop though with techno/dance synthesizers and more on the rappy electro-pop (Swingfly, The Veronicas etc)side of things at times.
Its all been very exciting :D


Poster Girl said...

Paul, me, too! I think you're right, too, re: Danny, though it pains me to say it--Heart.Beats was such a good effort towards the eternal holding of that title, but its creators just couldn't have seen this coming.

Bas, me, too! I can't decide whether I should preorder it now or wait and see if there will be something special if you buy it from somewhere specific.

Schlager Queen, I do, too! It's totally my aesthetic. I wish I was as amazing as Lina and Tess (Andreas is obviously amazing, too, but I can't really go for his style).

Conor, from the looks of the time of your comment...yup, it was! And Agnes is through to the final--you should be thrilled! All of the performances are on SVT's official site now ( ), if you want to watch them there. I didn't know you were busy making music, not just having fantastic taste in it--you definitely have to let us know when you make a MySpace for it! That's great news!