Friday, February 27, 2009

You think I'm payin' the price but it's not costin' me

Random bits of music news:

Alcazar's new album, Disco Defenders, is tentatively scheduled for a March 11 release date (stolen from PopJustice).

The Backstreet Boys apparently have a Max Martin-written song called "Bigger" on their new album (which they hope to release this summer) *gets hopes up again only to see them crushed* (stolen from Cheiron Songwriters).

Danish songwriter Lucas Secon--of Martin's "Show The World," Sarah Connor's "Under My Skin," the Pussycat Dolls' "I Hate This Part," and much more--wrote on his MySpace a while ago that he'd be contributing to Jordin Sparks's new album. Jordin played clips of several songs that might end up on her new album on the radio recently and among them was an unmastered version of one of Lucas's songs, "Walking On Snow." From the sounds of the clip, I'm chomping at the bit to have the full song; like "No Air," it manages the remarkable feat of sounding refreshingly fresh while also making total sense in the current commercial music environment, though its pretty poppy electronic-pop-meets-pop-rock sound isn't musically related to "No Air."

Have you listened to Erik Hassle's new album yet? If not, what are you waiting for?


John said...

I can tell why Jordin would have freaked out over "Snow". I'm loving it something fierce, and I didn't even get to record it!

Paul said...

I'm very excited for the new Jordin record. She seems the most unassuming of the Idol winners but one i am liking the most. And how ace is the album title of Alcazar? Bloody ace is how ace!

I have listened to Erik Hassle's new album. Twice. I like it. A lot.

D'luv said...

Ooh, I like "Walking On Snow"! Jordin really took a chance—well, okay, whoever's in charge of her did—with the music choices on the first album, and it paid off. Sounds like she's not about to get boring anytime soon!

And I was just thinking it's about time for the Backstreet Boys to put out another (disappointing) album...

Poster Girl said...

John, it's a great song! I'm right there with you.

Paul, it's a perfect title. They're a perfect group. Sigh. And yay! I'm beyond thrilled to hear that :D

D'luv, she did...though there were some forgettable tracks on it, she also went in some interesting contemporary sounds that I never thought she'd try. I'm hoping her next album follows the Idol winner trend of improving on and being even bolder than the first. There's something about BSB--I can't help get excited despite fully expecting disappointment.