Friday, February 27, 2009

Take me higher than high

The Melodifestival semifinal everyone says is overpacked with goodness (listen to song clips here) AND it looks like Darin is going to be appearing as the interval act performing an old Melodifestival classic?

I think I'm going to ban anyone from even walking near me, let alone talking to me, from 2 to 3:35 on Saturday.


Damian said...

Now I can't even comment anyone else but Sarah! She took my soul somewhere faraway and blasted my brains and heart!!! O_O

Anonymous said...

Anna Sahlene & Maria Haukass Storeng song is very poppy, not amazing though but good.

I quite like Next 3's song, it does sound very much Eurovisiony

Agnes song is indeed very much like everything off her latest masterpiece of an album.
Great summery pop, indeed i LOVE that chorus.

Sarah's song just sounds like a typical Celine Dion ballad to me.
She has a great voice though, the songs not bad, just nothing new.

Star Pilots song is very camp cheesy pop, a bit to cheesy perhaps for my standards.
Great stuff though.

Some decent songs in this semifinal finally :)
Its a shame Darin never teamed up with RedOne and made a crazy more extreme version of Breathing Your Love then entered it into the semifinal, would of been amazing.


Paul said...

i am now taking my laptop and wireless connection to ruthiepoos where we are invited for dinner on saturday. Her partner Lou loves eurovision, so it only seems polite to bring a gift. They live in the country and their internet connection is sporadic to say the least. See what you have reduced me to?!?!

Bas said...

Sarah song sounds amazing! Can't wait to hear it in full. This definitely will quality for the final and probably top 3 in the end? I'm hoping Alcazar or SDF to win the contest :)

Len W said...

One of the MF bloggers mentioned after the listening party Wednesday that this is such a strong lineup that ANY of these entries would have made top four in the other semis. I have to agree.

Tomorrow no matter who is chosen I will be glad for a deserving winner but at the same time disappointed for the UNdeserving 5th through 8th places. Strongest semi I remember in MF, how about you?

Poster Girl said...

Damian, can you even imagine what she'll be like live tomorrow? They say the recorded version doesn't even fully get across the power of the song and her voice in it...

Oh Conor, you're going to torture me..."a more extreme version of 'Breathing Your Love'"--I'm still not sure if I want Darin in Melodifestivalen (though if the poor boy's sales don't start improving, he could end up doing it), but now I'm envisioning what that could sound like...

Paul, what a considerate gift! I hope for your sake and for all our sakes that the stream is more consistently good this week than it has been so far.

Bas, from all the reviews of the performances (well, almost all the reviews), it sure sounds like it has to.

Len, that sounds about right to me! There are a couple that wouldn't necessarily have been sure things but that would have stood a good chance in any other heat. I'll be exactly the same way tomorrow and, just thinking off the top of my head, I really can't think of any that comes close in terms of consistent quality.

Rick said...

It is... and it's even got a reggaeton song! Saving the best for last. SDF BETTER get through or you will hear a scream emanating from London.

Poster Girl said...

Rick, you'll have a lot of work to do to rival my shattering of the earth!

kevin (ru) said...

Agnes' climax at 2:10 (studio version) makes me ecstatic!