Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Me he dado cuenta que duele menos cuando existe la fe

To be honest, all I have been listening to in the past few days has been Erik Hassle's album. I still don't feel I can even begin to describe the sound of it, though, so here's a brief diversion into a song of a completely different style but that's still great. The second album of Chilean girl group Supernova was recommended to me by José and it's a case in point of why I love getting recommendations: I'd never heard of the group, who released two albums around the turn of the century before disbanding, but songs like "Herida" and "Pocas palabras" are the sort of music I can never get enough of. I promise you that if you grew up with and loved the teen pop boom of the late '90's, "Herida" and "Pocas palabras" are enough to get you flashing back to those years even if you've never heard these particular songs before. They sound for all the world as if they could have come from Sweden or at least from the American writers who took to mimicking the Swedish sound for the pure pop groups and artists that were suddenly springing up everywhere, but the songs' writers and producers are as Chilean as the girls singing them.

The punchy "Herida" (above), full of skittery electronic beats, is my slight favorite of the two for right now, I think, and that has a large part to do with the chorus getting stuck in my head. The electro opening (which crops up again in the middle 8, which does take full dance routine advantage of its greatness but makes up for with a bit of slap-featuring choreography) and crescendoing shouty bridges of "Pocas palabras" (below) are a little more exciting and cooler, though. Actually, scratch that; I can't pick a favorite.

I can find absolutely nowhere selling Supernova's second album Retráctate, so if you know some online store that is, please let me know and I'll include a link to it in this post.


Paul said...

it's strange isn't it that when you find an album that you become besotted with (as i am assuming with Erik Hassle - is this the album that has replaced Lily Allen as your fave cd of the year so far?!) and it's difficult to find the words to do it justice. Yet albums that are perfunctorily fine, you can do justice to much quicker ("you" as in the blogging world!) Anyway I am lreally looking forward to your views on Erik (and Lily!) but this was a fun diversion too!

Anonymous said...

Great to see your a fan of the Erik Hassle album to :D
It's definately my favourite album of 2009 so far (though the only other one ive liked this year so far is Kelly Clarksons new one).
I never was a massive fan of 'Hurtful' until a few weeks ago, always found it to be hit and miss but since getting the album its grown on me.
However the best song by a clear mile on the cd is 'I Wanna Be Loved'. What a brilliant epic pop song, the chorus is magic for me along with the strings later in the song.
'Bump In The Road' and 'Don't Bring Flowers' are also getting their fair share of plays from me.

Poster Girl said...

Yup, Paul, this is it! Apparently I've spent (according to some calculations I ran quickly this evening) something like ten hours listening to it since Monday. Oops. You're right! It's so frustrating.

Conor, I'm at levels of love with it that I usually don't experience with full albums. There is not a single track on it I dislike or feel even slightly inclined to skip--when was the last time I could say that? "Hurtful" absolutely makes sense in this context. "I Wanna Be Loved" = fantastic. "Of all the lonely people I wanna be loved by you" is going in my blog header next, I think.