Monday, February 23, 2009

Just enough to drive you mad

I know I have a bad habit of saying "I'll write about this album in the future, once it has time to set in with me" (that Lily Allen review genuinely is coming, probably once Melodifestivalen has finished), but I really am going to write about Erik Hassle's new album in the near future. There will be words, many praising words, but until then, those of you who remember him him from my earlier post or from before might be interested to know that you can listen to all of the album here. Thanks go to Oswalds Popcorn for triggering my desire to do some checking to see if I could find it!

Robert Habolin is one of the Swedish songwriters I like to check on occasionally. In addition to A*Teens' "A Perfect Match," Aleksander Denstad With's "A Little Too Perfect," and several songs for Ann Winsborn, he's done some pretty decent as-yet-unreleased songs--more accurately, demos. There's one in particular I love, but there's no way on Earth I'm going to post it; let's just say it's the song I'd least want to pop up on shuffle if I had my iPod playing for someone else.

Now, though, he's written a song which I feel is both worth calling your attention to and not too embarrassing should anyone else be listening with you. I'm not really sure who the vocalist on "Scary Monsters" is--I could guess it's Robert himself, but that would be based on absolutely nothing--and this is just a demo, intended to use as a tool for pitching the song to artists, so keep that in mind. That said, I actually love all the processing and layering going on in the vocals, the knocking beat, the catchy melody, the electronic pulse somewhere between throbbing and revving, everything. It's got some of the cuteness Rob can do, but it's only a part of this electronic pop-R&B song's slightly creepy soul.

Since this song is a demo, there's nowhere it can be purchased, but you can visit Robert Habolin's MySpace here and buy A*Teens' Teen Spirit, which has "A Perfect Match" on it, here (physical) or here (digital). New Arrival, which has "A Perfect Match" on it, here (physical) or here (digital) (thanks for the correction, Bas!).


Paul said...

Anyone who writes amazing lyrics like "you love grease baby, i love snatch" is a god in my book. I shall be checking out his album as soon as i possibly can.

Bas said...

A Perfect Match isn't featured on the album Teen Spirit but on New Arrival ;)

Mike said...

I so know what you mean about mentioning future reviews but getting sidetracked. I'm still working on an Ami Suzuki review from the first week of January - kind of! As for this tune, I really like it. It's different, I'll give it that.

Poster Girl said...

Paul, one of the best lines ever, no? He's got no album, though--as I said, he's just a songwriter and this is just a demo for selling the song to artists!

Oops! That's what I get for trying to do this from memory. Thanks, Bas--I'll go correct it!

Mike, Ami needs your promotion! Who else is going to bring her music to the rest of us clueless people?