Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I took the boy she thought she knew and made him disappear

Magnus Carlsson has begun work on his next album, recording songs written by Pitchline (the makers of Velvet's '80's-tastic dance-pop songs "Come Into The Night" and "Take My Body Close"), with the technical assistance of Emil Hellman of SoundFactory (a name you may recognize from some Melodifestival artist-friendly remixes). He did three songs, including two named "I'm Doing OK I'm Doing Alright" and "When Our Love Is Gone."

In other Swedish artist news, turnaround (thanks!) clued me in to the fact that clips from Jonathan Fagerlund's new boy pop album Welcome To My World (out May 20) can be listened to here. I'm surprised (though not necessarily complaining) at how electronic much of it sounds, but there are still also some more "typical Jonathan" tracks, as well as hints of that more "organic commercial pop" past sprinkled throughout. Also of note is that Idol runner-up Alice Svensson duets with him on "Save Our Yesterdays."


Damian said...

Damn! I've tried so hard to understand who is this girl singing with Jonathan. Sure, this is Alice!!!)))
Great news about Magnus, hope he'll be back to MF next year though after such a bad results with Live Forever I don't know if he'll ever come back.

Paul said...

i'm thrilled about the return of poptastic magnus. And i think even if Jonathan put out a crap album i'd be inclined to buy it, he's just so gosh darn adorable...

Anonymous said...

Listening to the clips of Jonathan's album,
'Tunnel Vision' sounds great electro-pop (almost Daft Punk eque autotune though).
'Magnifying Glass' and 'U Do' are also great though the rest is a bit hmm.

By the way that debut single of mine which ive planned to upload for ages but never have, should be finally uploaded sometime soon.
I even found a trumpet effect like the one RedOne uses to go in it :D
Plus put a few 80s synths in.
Heres the instrumental version i uploaded for now, it sounds better downloaed than on that awful player. Let me know what you think :D

Anonymous said...

Oh and i forgot to put in my usual recommendation post haha.

Here's '2NE1 - Fire', produced by JR Rotem i think.
Brilliant modern electro-pop

Also Jeanette - Material Boy (Dont Look Back), the new single is great stuff, a Monrose reject.

Finally the new Jordin Sparks single 'Battlefield' is set to premiere very soon. Its supposed to be amazing so im very excited.


Melodimen said...

Delighted to see Magnus 'Lives forever' in the world of pop - look forward to his new album!

So that's what Alice S has been up to!

As for Jonathan - what a 'definite maybe!' ;-)

Keira said...

I'll have to check out these Jonathan clips, although agree with Paul that its on my shopping list for the next Stockholm trip regardless.

As for Antti, I stumbled across his myspace (via facebook, via is official page. Not that i'm obsessed or anything...) and there you can hear a high quality clip of juuret. Its not long, but it already sounds better. Crisper.

Poster Girl said...

I'd love to see him back in the contest in the next year or two, too, Damian. I wouldn't have been able to figure out it was Alice if it wasn't for turnaround and Ginza mentioning it ;)

"Poptastic" is a very good word for Magnus and captures why I'm so glad to have him around. SoundFactory can sometimes get a bit harsh in their remixes--I hope they don't do that in their work with him, because otherwise it sounds like a good combination.

Conor, now that's the news of the day! I like the sound of that instrumental you've uploaded. Let me give it a few spins for a more detailed response (well, hearing the vocal part will be the big thing), but it sounds great so far. I really like Jeanette's "Material Boy" and was pleased to see it made the next single--"In Or Out" may be my favorite song on the album as of now, excluding the lead single, but "Material Boy" is right up there and makes for a much better single. I didn't know the 2NE1 song and it's great! It does sound JR-ish.

Once again, I bow to your powers of title usage ;) I hope Alice has something beyond this she's had the opportunity to work on.

Keira, thanks for that tip! Hopefully he releases a proper high quality music video soon and we can listen to the whole thing that way.