Monday, May 04, 2009

It's getting too much

Apologies for disappearing for a few days--it's that time of the year where offline life always manages to interfere with online life. I basically spent the weekend listening only to a-ha (inspired by KulPop's news about their new single), Sugababes, and songs by Richard X and Xenomania--pseudo-retro. Doing some sort of special is tempting, but that ground has been covered pretty often.

Coming up soon (this week) should be my hopes for and thoughts on Eurovision.

Until then, I leave you with the mindboggling news (stolen from the PJ forums) that Frankmusik is apparently making music for/with Holly Valance. No, really.

Lest we all forget, Holly's State Of Mind was one of the best albums of this decade. Talk about a killer lead single.


Paul said...

as i think i said on my blog, i prefer the lightning seeds to the aha single but both good :)

Holly Valance shockingly underrated (unless you count her performance in prison break which even if someone said "that was crap" was shockingly overrated!) as a popstar - i wasn't really into her at the time, but i've come to appreciate lots of her songs since :)

Robpop said...

So happy to have Holly V back on the scene.

I think she needs to be far more confident now. She was clearly over confident with her pop videos. As seen with her on the floor and in a Ramones t-shirt. Both elements that really never shoulda made the final cut. But, I felt she somehow restrained herself with the music. She wasn't over confident in that respect. This, despite the fact she had Steve Anderson/Taylor/Torch/Steinberg all helping her out on State Of Mind which was certainly something she could be very proud of... Ultimately also I think she earned herself a bit of a bad rep with the tabloids here in the UK and I don't know exactly why. Perhaps she was just exhausted by the machine.

Aaron said...

Really - Holly's coming back!!! - That's HUGE!

I LOVED Footprints, I'm not so big on the State Of Mind album - A few nice songs, but the rest of it was only OK - I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Ahh i still listen to 'State Of Mind' and the FANTASTIC 'Desire' all the time now, 'Desire' should of been released and hit number 1 everywhere, it was perfect rauchy electro-pop :D

Btw have you heard the new E.M.D song 'Youngblood'?

Its moderately good though i still prefer solo Danny by far.


turnaround said...

by the way, just wrote you an email.

see who has snippets on for his next album..



Damian said...

By the way here are some swedish covers of David Fourie'n-100-000-Jare
"As Ek Raak Aan Jou Lyf" - Velvet "Take My Body Close"
"My Laaste Kans" - Da Buzz "Dangerous"
"Kan Ek Jou Wys" - Mons "Cara Mia"
And here's that cover of Fame you were speaking about :)
"Wie Wil By My Bly" - Fame "Vindarna Vander Oss"

Yuяi said...

I'm digging the new a-ha single too! Can't wait for the album to leak.

Poster Girl said...

Ha ha, it was that bad, Paul? I've never watched Prison Break. Holly as singer is something I have a lot more interest in than Holly as actress!

Robpop, not being in the UK or listening to her music when it was originally released, I didn't have much sense of the reaction to her or where it came from. It'd be fantastic (though probably too much to hope for) if whatever she's doing with Vince here let her work with some other people, too.

Aaron, oh, I love State Of Mind, but at least we can agree on excitement :D Exactly the level of what she's doing isn't clear, but hey, anything is more than I realistically expected!

Conor, YES. "Desire": epic. Amazing. I have heard that song and the other one from the re-release--I agree, it's good. They both are, and generally better than the material on their first album. I still find them less exciting than solo Danny, too, but these songs are pretty good.

No way! Turnaround, I wasn't expecting that! Thanks so much for the tip--I'm listening now!

Ha ha, of COURSE he would cover Måns and Da Buzz, too! Despite my better judgement, I'll probably end up buying that. Thanks, Damian!

Hopefully it's better than what I heard of that Morten solo effort, Yuri.

Mike said...

Am I still suffering side-effects of all the medication or did I really just read that Holly is making a comeback? "State Of Mind" is one of the best pop albums ever recorded in my mind. It was the blueprint for Britney's "Blackout" and many, many others!

Poster Girl said...

Mike, least expected but most welcome comeback of the year? Let's hope we get a taste of the new music soon, even if just a tiny bit to let us know the sound of it!