Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Varför är du bara i mina drömmar?

Some day, I am going to hunt down E.M.M.A.'s first two albums, no matter how difficult it is; I know they may not be as good as their third, but I still need to have them. I've mentioned by general leeriness of young popstars before (edit: it's just a matter of me usually not liking the sound of, say, an eleven year old's singing voice) and the girls who made up Swedish group E.M.M.A. were YOUNG when their albums were released (average age of fourteen when their third final album--and the one from which today's song comes--was released in 2004) and they were oriented towards children, but I still love their songs. Tur & Retur is just a fun happy uncomplicated pop album made up of light-sounding upbeat dance-pop, with the emphasis on the "pop" part. If you're wondering what the girls of E.M.M.A. been doing since the breakup, last year Don't Stop The Pop featured a group formed by two of the former members; they have a MySpace here.

Tur & Retur--the title track and opening track from their last album, "Tur & Retur" is slightly less oriented towards pure youthful adorableness than, say, "Hollywood Boy," a single from this era (I love "Hollywood Boy," but there's something innocent and childish about it--well, that description could be applied to this song to, but I'd argue to a slightly lesser degree). Take a dance-type beat, put it underneath a catchy Swedish-created pop melody, and add in some sweet voices and it's difficult to go wrong, and this song doesn't--try not to be put off by how young they look in that picture (I know it's tought), because you'd be missing out on a lovely little pop song. Plus, side benefit! If you're learning Swedish and still at the basic levels, listening to "Tur & Retur" (or any of their songs) could make you feel pretty good about your progress (if probably undeservedly so)--the vocabulary isn't exactly upper-level and the pronunciation's really clear.

Supposedly you can buy E.M.M.A.'s album Tur och Retur here (physical), but CDWow is often bad with shipping Swedish stuff and I'm not sure if we should take their word that they're stocking an album that nowhere else seems to have. eBay sometimes has it, though.

Speaking of Swedish groups whose names start with E and look like abbreviations, "Jennie Let Me Love You," E.M.D.'s latest single, contrary to what I'd originally heard, is actually out now; it's available on Swedish iTunes, but also available for purchase as an mp3 from their official site (I'm loving this sales/mp3 system that's being increasingly set up on Swedish artists' sites; no Swedish credit card necessary!).

Next up: another Swedish girl group, I think--a little older, but still girly.


Alexander said...

No, no, no... don't you start too! I already told Rob, this is music for KIDS! LOL!

Poster Girl said...

Oh, it's too late, Alex ;) Someone mentioned once though that they were French and that's the reason they really couldn't like Lorie's music--they understood the lyrics. I can TOTALLY see that being the case here, if you're Swedish!

(Not that that really explains away the music...)

I think I'll write about ToyBox next, just for you! ;)

Poster Girl said...

Oh and also, apparently I like Dutch children's music too--not that that makes it any better, but at least it's not just me being all "anything Swedish = good"! Apparently I have nondiscriminatory childish taste!