Thursday, April 03, 2008

Una storia grande come il mondo

Italian singer Tiziano Ferro's new album AME (well, it might be called that, it might not--it could be Ame or A.M.E. or maybe something else entirely; it's all very mysterious, apparently) was recently announced to be coming out November 7. Please, please let it be preceded by a single that's as brilliant a slice of pop as the "Fade To Grey/"One Word"-esque "Stop! Dimentica" was (I think my thoughts on what I want the new single from the album to be are best summed up here [note: post in Italian, and I agree with most of the part about what his next single should be, not necessarily every word].)

I love that song way too much--one of the best and most exciting singles of 2006, for sure, in much the way Christophe Willem's "Double Je (Remix)" was for 2007.


Baszjuh said...

november 7th? Thats way too long!

Poster Girl said...

I KNOW! On the one hand, I'm thrilled to actually have a release date...but on the other, that seems like forever away. The only way I'll ever make it is if he puts out that single soon...but even that doesn't seem likely--haven't the singles for these past two albums only been released a month or so before the album?

Could he at least give us a taste of the single early? Please?

(Watch me end up not liking it :( )

Baszjuh said...

uhm im not sure but i know only 1 single was released before Nessuno E Solo, still my favourite album of his :) I'm hoping his new album will be just as good! Just love Stop Dimentica & Ed Ero Contentissimo :)

Anonymous said...

I know him! He was very successfull in my country *.*

Suki said...

So glad to see you're still loving Mr Ferro. I hadn't heard the announcement about the new album. Great, but a long, long way off. Hope he tours it too. Loved him live last year.

Paul said...

such amazing cheekbones too, and that along with ace hair is one of my new requirements for pop stardomness.

Poster Girl said... it really does seem like it'll be a while before we get new music!

Aleera, I knew he released Spanish versions of his album, but I didn't know how well he did in Brazil--really well, from the sounds of it, then?

I probably should have sourced the information--theoretically I guess it might not even be a new album, but it seems like that's what everyone's assuming the countdown clocks on his site and the line ""A.M.E." - coming out NOVEMBER the 7th" on his MySpace mean (that's what it reads now--I don't think the title had periods when I wrote this). I really have to thank you for recommending his second album, too--I love it!

Keep on ongoing checklist, Paul--it'll make it quicker to accept or reject people when they're begging you to promote them after seeing you help Simon Curtis reach megastar status ;)