Tuesday, April 01, 2008

You look good, look good, you're good lookin'

Another post with no theme to it, just various things I wanted to write about (and some of which I even have written about in comments elsewhere), including some I've been meaning to mention for AGES.

Kleerup's new single "Longing For Lullabies" and instrumental b-side "Tower Of Trellick" are available for purchase as 320 kbps mp3s from 7Digital, regardless of your country. I know not everyone loves the song, but I can't help but hugely applaud that decision from him or his record company--wouldn't it be fantastic if ALL artists let you buy their music without any sort of restrictions, be they DRM or country-based (the rest of the world is getting access to this single just as soon as the Swedes are)? I really hope his album has "Thank You For Nothing" on it--I need that song (in good quality).

Speaking of buying things from 7Digital, I'm glad to finally have Gabriella Cilmi's "Don't Wanna Go To Bed Now," which, as I mentioned earlier, I've wanted ever since PopJustice featured a clip of it. It's a great slice of attitude-filled pop-rock with electro-influenced production and a great beat. Her first single didn't leave much of an impression on me, but in my opinion "Don't Wanna Go To Bed Now," which doesn't really sound like "Sweet About Me," is a song very much worth buying (it too is available on 7Digital, though as a DRM-protected WMA; you can listen to a clip via that 7Digital link too, or here). If she ever came up with an album of songs like this, she'd be a fantastic popstar (I didn't buy the full album--I might, but I get the impression it's maybe not something that would appeal to me as a whole; I'm open to hearing otherwise, though).

I LOVE the new single from Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child. Is it odd that her voice alternates between reminding me of JoJo (well, that's probably the vocal effects on it) and Jamelia? Yeah, actually, no one's going to hear that besides me. There's someone else I'm reminded of too, even more so, though I haven't been able to place who yet...anyway, People's website is playing the song in good quality. "Break The Dawn" is a catchy mid-tempo electronically-processed song that I'd be thrilled to see do well in the U.S. Check out The DJ Plays My Favorite Songs for information about the album.

Madonna's new single: I like it. My response to it was kind of like my response to, say, Eve's "Tambourine"--one of those songs that's a lot of fun in a hypothetically-dancing-in-a-club kind of way and that has sound effects that might otherwise be abrasive but work in that context (even if just imagined). Justin's vocals on it are the first time in a long time I've truly loved his voice. It does feel slow now, though, having got used to the tempo of that French radio rip.

I was really looking forward to the new Mariah album--I'm not sure why, given that I think the only songs from her I know are "Always Be My Baby," "All I Want For Christmas Is You," "Whenever You Call," "Hero," and the singles from The Emancipation of Mimi (that's not a result of me ever being anti-Mariah Carey--I've never been--just a function of my total cluelessness about/not paying attention to music until the past couple of years). Oh, and "When You Believe." I've actually had a real urge to "discover" her back catalogue recently, but I have literally NO IDEA where to begin--what albums are her best? Anyway, to get back to what I was originally talking about, I was disappointed to hear that the next single is supposed to be "Bye Bye" (strung together clips of it here)--I was really hoping (and thinking) it was going to be a big uptempo club banger type song. In the good news department, though, I think I'm going to love "That Chick," which she performed recently (see below).

I'm liking the sound of the recently leaked Beyoncé track "Beautiful Nightmare" (apparently a demo)--it's a darker-sounding pop track.

I completely agree with XO and Nick that the latest Guillemots single is worth listening to. That's an understatement--in my eyes, it's the sort of song that in some alternate universe was a massive crossover smash in the UK and the US, winning over everyone of all music tastes, instead of just getting to a respectable #20 in the UK a few weeks ago. It's a pop-with-guitars track that literally could not be any catchier or any more fun to sing along with. If you've missed it until now, you HAVE to listen to it. One of the best songs of the year, without doubt. I've not bought the album yet, but it's definitely on my to-get list.

I know I mentioned recently that Dirrrty Pop reviewed Taio Cruz's album, but have I ever mentioned on here how much I like the electro-R&B "Come On Girl"? I don't think so, mainly because it's been featured on other well-read sites and so I figure most people probably know about it already. Well, I love it, at any rate, and thought both of the songs Jessica posted, "Fly Away" and "I'll Never Love Again," were fantastic; I'm now really really close to buying his album and probably will do so.

#1 Hits is having "Pop Week" and, though the blog's always a must-read (Nick does an amazing job of finding amazing songs no one else is writing about), I really can't encourage you enough to check it out during this week. I've already played Monday's song, "Disco Bloodbath," a bunch of times.

Speaking of blog recommendations, Don't Stop The Pop (which just reviewed this group's showcase), FizzyPop, Popjustice, and ArjanWrites-back group Red Blooded Women has me really excited--I can't wait to (someday, hopefully!) buy Yaz-sampling pop song "Colour Me Dirty." Speaking of Yaz samples (where Heidi Montag leads, as I'm sure D'luv would point out), the clip of the Yaz-sampling song from another hyped girl group, the Saturdays, that was on the members' MySpaces a little while back sounded good too; it's at least got me interested to hear the whole thing.

Also, Morten Harket of a-ha has a new single called "Darkspace" coming out soon (on Norwegian radios in the next few days and for sale on April 7), with an album out May 19. I really want to like "Darkspace" (I would've liked to like the album's first single, but I sadly didn't), so hpoefully the apparently uptempo, rocky track is a good one. We'll see, I guess.

Edit: oh, and also, Britney's "Break The Ice" is BRILLIANT, but that's a given and I've liked that since the album came out last year--the track hasn't lost any of its shine since then, though.


The Blogger Formerly Known As Digital Technique said...

Wow what an action packed post but here are some random thoughts from me,

Am loving the new Kleerup track as well as Gabriella, still wondering whether to buy her album though?

So excited about Michelle's new solo album - not sure how I am gonna last until August!

Guillemots and Taio Cruz are both amazing, FACT!

Red Blooded Women must surely be one of THE pop acts of 2008

Paul said...

So much to take in! Actually my favourite Mariah song EVER is always be my baby. I just love it and never get tired of it. I do like the sound of That Chick though :)

RBW are going to be ace, but i also want Candy Coated Chaos to be big in 08 too, now my Simon Curtis dream is coming true.

I think it was here i said i didn't like Taio Cruz (or D'luvs) and then i found out the song i thought was Taio wasn't Taio and actually i do like him after all! How bizarre. Did you know Osvaldo Supino recorded Move On as well - almost cookie cutter copy around the same time. How bizarre how bizarre.

i think you might like the two acts on my site today, but i never can tell :)

stoobydoo said...

I agree completely about Taio Cruz and all commentary on the Madonna and Justin song....

I had a very hard time accepting "Break The Ice" although I did like it - I found the "Nick and Crystal Lattice Remix" of that song and fell completely in love - she should have released that version as the single...it's amazing.

Poster Girl said...

Ha ha, yeah, there is a lot getting covered here! I don't know about Gabriella either...I keep going back and forth too...apparently it's not too expensive online (though I do have to consider shipping)...I'm waiting for more of the pop jury's votes to come in! Michelle's album is really sounding AMAZING from the things we've heard so far--"Break The Dawn" is just SO SO fantatic. I really hope it takes off!

I love "Always Be My Baby"! Let's hope for CCC! Random re: Osvaldo.

I haven't heard that remix--I may have to go blogsearch it! Other songs you would have preferred as a single ahead of the original, then?

stoobydoo said...

Honestly, my favorite song on that album was a bonus track..."Get Back", but I prefer "Radar" over to the album version of "Break the Ice" but not to that remix.