Monday, March 31, 2008

You hold me tight after every fight just to show that we'll never break

I don't know too much about Dutch group Da-Mezz. I do know they're a three person group, two girls and one guy. They've released two singles so far that I know of, the first, "Verano del amor," which I thought was released in 2007 but their official site (in addition to saying summer 2007 in one place) says 2006 in one section, and the second, "Allright" (their spelling), in October 2007. I didn't listen to their first single too much (it felt like a "people like to buy Spanish-flavored records in the summer, so let's toss together a Spanish-influenced song and go for a summer hit!" case to me), but their second was definitely a step in the right direction.

Allright--dance-pop that kind of reminds me of a younger, less-fleshed-out, not-as-full-or-punchy-sounding N.E.X.--as if they were the younger, not quite as sophisticated (but still good and with potential!) siblings of the aforementioned group. There's also something about the song that feels a little bit like a throwback to me, in certain aspects (one of which, for example, is the way they say "all right"). "Allright" could maybe use a little bit of polishing in a few places (I think maybe the verse would be better if it was a little fuller; maybe just because there's only one guy to sing there, there might need to be something done--beyond the current amount of multitracking of his voice--just so the song stays sufficiently...full throughout; either that, or maybe get a little more attitude in his delivery? Then again, maybe that would take away from the feel they were going through--it's not really an aggressive song), but in general it's great, especially the bridge (or first chorus, because it's kind of long for a bridge). There are hints of electro-revviness underneath the vocal part, something I always love (and could maybe be played up even more?), and it's definitely a catchy song. I hope the project doesn't end up cancelled--I'd really like to see where they go next. I hope too that all these thoughts about tweaking the song doesn't make it sound like I think it's anything less than great--it's definitely a great song, or I wouldn't be featuring it.

You can buy Da-Mezz's single "Allright" from all iTunes country stores here.

Their YouTube account also has a video set to a solo track with just Fabienne, one of the girls, called "Six Days," which is maybe worth a listen if you like this style (it's maybe a little more Eurodance-influenced than "Allright").

Next up: maybe a song from a recently released Swedish album.


Michaell said...

you can do no wrong with your choices, girl -- it's a tune!

Poster Girl said...

Ha ha, thanks! And it's great to hear from you again :D