Thursday, February 08, 2007

You're like magic to me

Preface: there's some sad news in the blogging world which I'll write about in its own post as soon as I get a moment.

I don't know that much about Zoop, except that they're from the Netherlands and...umm...make children's programs. Which apparently necessitates them getting dressed up in all sorts of ridiculous costumes. I know, what's next--I post "'C' Is For Cookie"?

Zoop In India (Magisch Avontuur)--I felt somewhat ridiculous when I bought this song; it came with the genre labeled as "Children's Music," and I quickly changed it to read "Pop." It definitely has a young sound, though (based on the little I've heard from them) it's not as high energy and off-the-wall as a Chipz song (just a difference). I think part of the reason I can enjoy this song so much is that very little of it is in English, and what is sung in English isn't exactly clear, which somehow makes it seem better to me (maybe makes it seem like a better kind of cheesy?). "Zoop In India" might actually deserve the description "pretty" and "sweet," though admittedly in a very young manner (though the youth helps make it fun). It's catchy, but not in an in-your-face way, especially the chorus and the bridge (try sticking it out to those, if you can). Whoever made it was clearly going for the magical mystical vibe, and they sort of got it right, just not in a very genuine way. I can't shake the feeling that I should be listening to real Indian music, not this knockoff, but I can't help myself--I like it. Whatever message (if any) it might be giving might not be particularly sophisticated, but the song somehow manages to seem a lot more enjoyable than it has any right to (though it'd be more so if we could strike that last English female-sung line).

You can buy Zoop's single (yes, it really was a single; it even has its own music video and, if we can believe this site, it charted at #9) "Zoop In India (Magisch Avontuur)" from iTunes; for example, here for U.S. residents. Apparently it's from their second movie--you could also buy the single from their first movie, Zoop In Afrika, if you wanted to, and I'll bet there will be another single to go along with their upcoming movie Zoop in Zuid-Amerika. Sigh...I know, like what you like and all that, but I still have some issues with enjoying this song (though I do really like it). I may have to go listen to The Tension and the Spark after this or something...

Next up: I can't wait! Another semifinal.


Paul said...

don't feel ridiculous ;) Darren and i get up every morning to watch the Fun Song Factory which is even to childish for s club junior fans ;)

Poster Girl said...

Oh good! :) At least I am not alone in having some super childish songs I listen to.