Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Can't get enough of the groove of Alcazar

I've got no idea why Alcazar are releasing a video for "We Keep On Rockin'" now given that I thought the buzz around the single peaked a while ago, but I'm glad they did--the world just seems a little bit brighter, happier, and more colorful now.


Anonymous said...

Ive gone off Alacazar lately quite a bit, the video or song does nothing for me.

I do have some recommendations for you to check out here lol:

I randomly discovered Swedish boyband 'RARE' today and they are brilliant. If you load up the album you must listen to 'Kick Me' its an amazing N*Sync style pop gem, the whole album sounds pretty good actually to.

Next i came across 'Eva'.
She's rather like September meets 70s Disco, the first song on her myspace is brilliant pop-dance.

This new girlband 'Crush 5' from belgium are REALLY stunning, a mix of electro, pop & R&B
'Afterparty' is really stunning.

'Ithaka Maria' is from Estonia and a mix of pop, acoustic and electropop.
'Confession' is a great pop song.
Hope you enjoy them

Poster Girl said...

Conor, you are seven shades of brilliant. Really, you are. Are you sure you don't want to go back to running your own blog or something? It would so easily be one of the best blogs out there. If not, though, please definitely keep up the recommendations! By the way, I wanted you to know that after reading about that Lady GaGa song, I immediately wrote up a post about how great it was and then decided to save it for the next day and so left it as a draft--and then Jessica Poptastic beat me to writing about it, so I didn't...otherwise I would have! I love it!

Anyway, onto these:

"Kick Me" is a cover of a song from Christian boy band Plus One (well, someone might have done it before them, but I don't know it if they did)--it sounds even more 'N Sync-ish when they do it. I LOVE the sound of that song that's playing on their page when you first go to it, "Love Has Finally Found Us"--I kind of feel like it must be a cover or something though, you know, just because it's SO fantastic...I don't think I've ever heard it before, though. Hmm...so apparently (via googling) the writers are Christopher Axelsson and Jakob Bergman--I feel like this needs more investigating! Maybe it really is original, though.

I've actually posted Ithaka-Maria's "Confession" before--still a fantastic song deserving of more attention, though! Nothing else I've heard from her yet has ever been quite up to that level for me, though.

I'm liking the sound of Eva! I knew of Cru5h 5 from "Femmelicious" but hadn't heard "Afterparty" or anything else from them.

Alexander said...

Why wouldn't they make a video? They will release the single all over Europe!

It's not all about Sweden, you know, even if that's nice too. ;)

Poster Girl said...

Wow--I can't believe I didn't think of that! I must be really out of it or something ;)

That's great news, though!

Adem With An E said...

Oh I just love it! Glad they did the video; it's quite an endearing one too, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I have thought about doing a blog again but i never think anyones viewing it when i do so always stop posting lol.

Oooh the original version of Kick Me sounds fantastic.
Ahh yes it is a really good song, im sure its a cover of an 80s song.


Poster Girl said...

It really is, Adem! I love it :D

Well, I'd read it, at least! ;)

Raj said...

Hey PG - I'm glad Alcazar did the video too. To have them back in our world is wholeheartedly welcome. May they continue to spread the disco triumph around the globe. Glad you posted the Taio Cruz video too - he's so guhd.

Poster Girl said...

Very much so! Their return--well, it kind of feels like we're back to how "things are supposed to be."

Raj said...

Well said PG!