Tuesday, April 29, 2008

J'reviens reprendre ce qui m'est dû

French singer Willy Denzey is apparently about to (try to) launch a comeback. After the whole Mon Royaume project didn't exactly go as planned (I don't think the album ever got released in the end, did it?), he's got a lot riding on his new album, Alter Ego, being successful. Given that, the choice of lead single, "Décide De Ma Vie" (out in May), seems a little odd: it's got the beat of Diddy's "Last Night" but is also going for that whole "cute production" sound--in other words, it's neither a stomper or a full ballad but kind of seems like a dangerous route to take.

After listening to the clip of it a few times, though, I think it could be a song I end up really liking (as I mentioned before, cute production gets me almost every time) and the deliberate stuttering (another thing I almost always love) is catchy; I'm just not sure how well France will take to it.

This post is kind of just an excuse to take another look at his underrated urban clubby single "Mon Royaume," though; I posted it a while ago, back near this blog's beginning, and it's still great, as is the video.


Anonymous said...

Do you have the new song from the latvian female singer LADYBIRD " All Girls In Hollywood" ?

Poster Girl said...

Anonymous, I just did some investigating for you, and I was able to download the song for free from her record label's website. I kind of feel like it's a case of good production being used to dress up a song that's maybe not quite as good as it wants to be (I like DJ Ella's latest single "Shine Like A Superstar" more...I like the sound of the bit we've heard of "Make Me A Star" or whatever the title is too), but maybe it'll grow on me with time.

Anyway, here's the site:


Supposedly it was supposed to cost money but it didn't charge me anything or even ask for credit card details or anything...which kind of makes me feel like there's something wrong, but it is their official site.

AcerBen said...

YAY! He's back! Mon Royaume was amazing and should have been massive in France - it's the best song he's done by a country mile so quite why it flopped will forever remain a mystery. I trotted down to Virgin on the day the album was supposed to be out and I was :( to find out it wasn't out and there's been a complete information blackout on him ever since.

The new one sounds pretty good..!

Poster Girl said...

I have no idea why either--I mean, great song, great video...???

Yeah, I'm really liking the sound of it--I've played the clip a ridiculous number of times.