Saturday, March 17, 2007

When the sky is the limit, what happens then?

Estonian singer Ithaka-Maria used to be a part of the group Best B4 and the very good group Slobodan River, who might be familiar to anyone who follows Eurolaul, as they had several failed attempts to represent Estonia at Eurovision (go search out "Surrounded," their attempt from 2004--it's got a light dance backing track and Ithaka-Maria's voice, half-speaking and half-singing, is perfectly sweet and, though not powerful, not quavery, allowing the catchiness of the song to come through). In 2006, though, she went solo and she's released two singles so far, with an album expected in mid-2007. Her voice is still light, not meant for belting, but it's perfect for songs like today's.

Confession--the second of the two singles so far, "Confession" came out this past December. As you might expect for a song with a title like this, the words are partly narrative and designed to convey the impression of intimacy, of a stream-of-consciousness confession. Stream of consciousness can be a dangerous thing to play with in regards to pop music, but the catchiness of the chorus and that backing music make sure that the song stays compelling. Even if there are moments where the lyrics themselves feel awkward (it's especially bad during the first couple of lines), there's still something sweet and uplifting, occasionally even playful, about them.

To buy Ithaka-Maria's second single "Confession," go here (physical).

Next up: possibly Eurovision-related stuff or more about Nash.


aleera said...

Hi Postgirl.
Thank you so much for your support. It's so important to me to know what the people think about the thingd that I post into Popastic.
And thank you for downloading the songs.
Your blog is GREAT! Perfect!
I'll be here again... =)

Poster Girl said...

I'm glad you like it, because I've loved what you've done so far! :) I really like the Carlos Ponce songs, too, as I've like pretty much everything you've posted. It's so nice to be introduced to new artists.

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Ithaka-Maria is so talented, she has an exceptional voice you are not gonna find turn around the corner... but she looks prettier when she was blonde.