Saturday, March 17, 2007

Start up the engines, I'm ready to go

Right, right, right, so I'm behind the times and am in huge debt to the PJ messageboards for alerting me to this, but, from BWO's official site (well, the closest they have to an official site):

"The third studio album from BWO will be released around Europe in September 2007."

"A new single and video in May, another single and video in August, to be followed by the third BWO studio album in September. We plan to do some select concerts during the summer, mostly in Scandinavia, during the summer, to be followed by an international tour in the fall."

"The album will be released in September and will have what we call a hyper-electronic sound. The songwriting will of course be in focus, as always. But the sound has been inspired this time by the trance music of the early 1990s and the early electro pop of the late 1980s. It will be a very varied album, with songs from 60 bpm up to 140 bpm!"

"The first single will be an anthemic and dramatic very European-sounding dance track, released in May. I can't reveal the title yet but it will be revealed in a few weeks' time."

Read the full interview to find out what BWO think of hidden tracks, their favorite albums of 2006, their plans in regards to the UK, and a lot more.

To put it mildly and refrain from lots of shouting, I am very very excited.


Nick said...

This is freaking wonderful! So now 2007 holds new releases from The Ark, BWO, Delays, Kylie, and Niklas Stenemo (from the Mo). That's like almost all of my favorites!

Kevin said...

Why are BWO trying to keep the name of the single a mystery?

The name of the single is "Save My Pride", with remixes by SoundFactory already in the can.

Poster Girl said...

It really is an exciting year for new albums...I can't wait!

Ooo, a Kevin exclusive! :) Strange that the title is "Save My Pride" when there's also an Alcazar track with that title--I mean, it's not exactly a common phrase, is it?

Paul said...

that is weird (re: the title) but it's still all very exciting. And who cares what it is called. I thought Temple of Love was a crap title for a song but i knew before hearing it that it would be amazing and it is... So hurrah for the return of BWO - let them keep the title a mystery if they want :) It's their title!

Poster Girl said...

I'm still very excited! ...but, at least we have an explanation for the strangeness now:

"The original version of "Save My Pride" was written by Alexander Bard and Anders Hansson for Alcazar and was released in a disco version on the Alcazar album "Alcazarized". The new track "Save My Pride" is however a big and dramatic electro anthem which sounds radically different from the Alcazar track. But since the new track has borrowed the chord sequence and the chorus section from the old track, it will be released under the same title." (from the person who runs their website, via the PJ forums).

I can't believe I didn't thank Kevin for the information--thanks so much!