Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I know that you will love me back someday

Oh. My. Gosh. you all--you have no idea how over the moon I am right now. I'm sure it's me overreacting, but I literally thought I would never have this song. And now I do. I can't believe it.

What song? Well, you'll have heard of it before if you read this post; as I explained at the time, it was a bonus track on a late-released digital re-edition of an album available only in Swedish digital music stores, and even then only when you bought the whole album--you couldn't just buy the track separately. The likelihood of me ever having this song seemed to sink even lower when the song was pulled from Swedish iTunes.

(I should add in at this point that for all I know this song is all over less-than-legal download services; I've got no idea and that wouldn't have done me any good.)

Now though...well, I have it and I love it just as much as I thought I would. I wouldn't say there's any direct parallel between this song and any other on the artist's only album so far--not that it would sound out of place on it (I guess you could draw some style/sub-genre comparisons between, say, it and "Paradise," but to go in expecting it to sound like "Paradise" would be very off because it's not a soaring song--the main characteristic of "Paradise"--and because it's got more energy), just that it's not a rip-off of any of his other tracks and makes for a refreshing sound. In fact, I adore everything about this song (well, maybe not that brief break in the music near the beginning, but I'm not sure if that's deliberate)--as much talk as there is of tears and being used, I can't help feeling like it's got an incredibly comforting, slow-smile-inducing feel to it--the giant warm sweater of the song world, for the listener, at least. The chorus is lovely, but the distinctive verses are great as well. It's not schlager at all, just pure great enjoyable pop with the perfect balance of strummed guitars and electronically-created effects. Just one of those simple pleasures of life, you know? This is the sort of song that has "me" written all over it.

So...here we go (please don't get your hopes too high! It's just the sort of song that has "me" written all over it):


Posted for a very short time; you can buy the album (albeit without this track) here (physical) or here (digital). Why the short time? The fact that the song was pulled from most iTunes makes me wonder if it's going to be used at some point in the future.

Also, in a completely unrelated comment, 7Digital is amazing. Well, it's always been amazing for letting us non-UK residents buy UK music (and non-UK music as well, if it's listed there), but the way it's making it incredibly easy for you (for international customers) to buy high quality mp3s from around the world is incredible. Well done to the record companies that have agreed to it (well, they've agreed to the mp3 part at least--I've never understood quite how the international licensing works out for 7Digital but not other sites...but I'm not complaining!). There are still some DRMed WMA holdouts, but hopefully even those will be gone soon.

Next up: maybe something British.


Dodo said...

pleasee post the song again :)

Paul said...

ditto to the song post! I missed it because i was sleeping. But at least i got to click back to the original post to which you refer to it and see Mans looking all thoughtful and foxy in a suit so hurrah for that.

AcerBen said...

d'oh I missed it too.

You know it's the 1 year anniversary of Gregory Lemarchal's.. today? :(

AcerBen said...

ooh they've done a video for 'Restons Amis' too


Resa said...

Drat, I too have missed the boat on this song. :( Here's hoping you'll post it again!

turnaround said...

Oh I missed it too :(

Poster Girl said...

Oh, sorry, guys! That was really quick, wasn't it? I'll re-post it in the comments here for a little while :) And really, I'm probably just being silly! I'm sure a bunch of other people are as interested in it as I was.

{Check here}

Ben, I know... :( Well, not about the video, but the one year on thing..it's so strange--I really thought by now I'd be back to being able to listen to his songs freely again (I mean, I love them like I love few artist's work), but I still don't/can't.

...oh gosh--he's actually in the video (well, via clips)? I've gone and turned into a mess again...you know, I wasn't so sure about continuing to release songs from the album this far out, but that video is actually really well done. Sigh.

Dodo said...

Ohh thank you, Poster Girl!! :)
you made my day \night\ :D

Resa said...

Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million!!


Poster Girl said...

No problem! I hope you all like it--and if not, at least you've heard it now.

Anonymous said...

is there any chance that you could re-post the song again? I desperatley want it :)