Friday, April 13, 2007

Que je retrouve le prix de la vie...enfin!

I don't expect this is a post that will interest anyone except me, but I just love this performance, so I have to share. Consider this day four of Grégory Lemarchal Appreciation (parts one, two, and three). If this is the first time you've heard of him, I suggest reading those posts first and grabbing the three songs by him that everyone absolutely must own: "Je suis en vie," "Le feu sur les planches," and "Je t'ecris."

L'envie (Live)

The key word for that performance would be "intensity," I think. I know if anything it may have made you wonder who the girl is--her name is Hoda and she, too, was on Star Academy (that's what this video is from; it's a cover). As far as I know, she's only released one single so far.

A lot of the credit for this performance goes to the lighting and arrangement of the music; I adore the moment when the electric guitars really kick in and the tempo picks up (and the use of those strong electric guitars without it ever seeming like a rock song foreshadows some of what we would eventually see on Grégory's album) as they circle each other. It's true that Grégory's probably supposed to actually complete that one note, but overall, I think it's a brilliant performance by the two of them. As usual, I can't speak for vocal qualities or subtleties, as I'm a horrible judge of that, but I really like it. Especially that ending pose.

You can buy his debut album, Je deviens moi, here (physical).

By the way, I'm still backing Grégory to compete in Eurovision someday (and I still say even ripping off "Je suis en vie"--maybe amping it up even a little more, and condensing it to three minutes--could work); maybe not quite yet, but in some years (not too many, though).

He's just such an adorable little popstar--take the following video. I don't speak any French whatsoever, but it's still...what? Cute? Endearing? Funny? Some combination, I think.

(And don't think this is the end of Grégory Lemarchal Appreciation! I've been toying with buying his live album for a while now, even if for no other reason that to get the few covers he did that I don't have any version of, and I may just do it.)

Next up: probably that song from Mexico.

(P.S. Grégory, please don't grow a mustache!)


Paul said...

gregory no no no no no no no please please don't grow a moustache. The eye pleasing Jake Gyllenhall grew one in Brokeback Mountain and look what happened to his character :( Don't go ned flanders on us!

Poster Girl said...

I really need to see Brokeback--I almost did--but the question is, can my desire to see a good movie win out over my sort of all-encompassing desire to actually get a happy ending?