Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Je t'écris de ce rêve de t'avoir tant aimé

It's only been about a month since I last wrote about French singer Grégory Lemarchal (you can see my original post here--the songs still work, and, if you missed them, "Je suis en vie" and "Le feu sur les planches" are definite must-listens), winner of the French version of Star Academy, but I have to write about him again. I know I originally said I wasn't sure if the following song would transfer well to the world of music blogs, and I'm still not sure it will (it's long--more than six minutes--and I have a feeling that, since there are so many great music blogs, if a song doesn't grip you instantly, it's often ignored), but I just have to post it.

Je t'ecris--I may have a tendency to talk songs up too much. For this one, though, I'm going to avoid superlatives--there really are no words for it. I'll just say this: you absolutely must listen to it. All of it. Even if it means letting it play in the background while you do something else. Please?

It starts off as a simple piano-led ballad--very minimal, just Gregory and the piano. Much of the beginning is sort of hushed, but, as the song progresses, there are a couple of moments where his voice starts to rise and gather a bit more power, but then it descends back down. By about halfway in, those high points are mixed about half-and-half with the toned-down parts. However, it's when the song hits four minutes that magic happens: the pace picks up. There's a little bit of overlapping vocals, and the electric guitars come in, with the piano continuing but faster. I really can't do this song justice in words, but that build--it simply has to be heard.

To buy Gregory Lemarchal's debut album, Je deviens moi, go here (physical). It's an amazing album--definitely worth buying.

Next up: probably another song in a language besides English.


Henry said...

argh i cant comment on Paul's blog again.
i think the beta thinggy doesnt work for me. :(
thanks for the lee ryan songs below! :)

Paul said...

poor henry - you can always email me. Sorry to have beta'd you out of my life. PS - i adore a guy singing en francais. Tres magnificque

Poster Girl said...

Oh no! Boo at Beta, then--that's something Blogger should get to work on fixing...I wonder why it's affecting you? I hope they get it sorted out soon (and, on the topic of the songs, you're welcome :) )!

Paul: Je conviens ;) Gregory's album is just so lovely...