Wednesday, December 27, 2006

On nourrit l'étincelle

Aaaaahhhhhh! It's Grégory Lemarchal!

All right, I will attempt to remain calm, but woah--he's finally released one of the best songs (along with "Je suis en vie," which was a single, and "Je t'ecris," which probably wouldn't translate well to the single world) off his excellent, top-quality, I-can't-overtalk-it album. The song? "Le feu sur les planches." I posted it earlier this year, and it's sooo good. Contrary to what my grammar in this post might make you think, Grégory doesn't do boy band pop--he just makes amazing, inspiring, epic, world-class pop. And even more amazingly, he's got a brilliant video to go with the song. The title of the song has something to do with fire, so how does the video start? With Grégory singing in an ice-covered room! ...which gradually begins to melt as he sings, until it all breaks apart at one of the song's many glorious parts. Please watch the video--you won't be disappointed, as it is so good and definitely does this amazing song (one of my favorite singles of the year) justice. I love the coloring and the lighting--gorgeously icy.

Video: Grégory Lemarchal - Le feu sur les planches

Honestly, let McFly have their groupies--if I ever disappear, it will be because I've gone off to stalk Grégory.

(And, well, I normally avoid saying things like this on the blog, but Grégory looks rather smoldering in the video clip...although, trust me, that's not why I love him--those three songs I keep mentioning are just so amazing that they've won me over to him.)

Grégory Lemarchal would also win the award for "artist I most want to see at Eurovision"--please, someone, write a ripoff of "Je suis en vie" (or capture the magic of "Je t'ecris" in under 3 minutes) immediately! He's so adorable, but he sings these positively epic songs. Grégory, compete in Eurovision! Release another (studio) album! (but please stay healthy) Marry me?

You can buy Gregory Lemarchal's debut album, Je deviens moi, here (physical), and I completely recommend it--not every song will knock you off your feet, but everything is at least good or very good, and about half the songs are completely amazing; the album contains three of my favorite songs ever. I have a feeling I'm not impressing any French readers, as I don't know that he's thought of particularly highly, but he has so much potential, and it's led to some really great songs so far.

To read my previous posts on Gregory, who really is quite the adorable little popstar, go here and here.

(P.S. I have the worst time trying to keep up with him, since I speak no French, so if anyone has any news on him, it would be much appreciated! I do know about the Olympia '06 CD/DVD, though. For that matter, is this single from that CD--is it a live version? Is this video new? I just saw it for the first time, but that doesn't mean's what I think I know: "Le feu sur les planches" was originally going to be the second single--a music video was filmed and everything--but was replaced at the last minute with "Je suis en vie." I'm guessing that's why this video is labeled as being from 2005, even though I don't think "Le feu sur les planches" was a single that year. The reason I think it's a single now--released in the past few months--is it's in some radio charts at the moment, and he did perform it on Star Academy recently. Does anyone actually know? I'm pretty sure it was just released, so it would tie in with the Olympia CD and DVD, but I keep finding little comments that are confusing me.)

Edit: this question and answer session, if real, might have cleared things up a bit: "Le feu sur les planches" isn't technically a single, but is being used to promote the Olympia DVD and CD. Does anyone know if that means they're actually playing the video on TV now, or if this video was first released back when it was the potential second single? Or both?

Next up: maybe a song from a Russian singer.


Paul said...

did you just say let McFly have their groupies :) I'm shocked :O But i guess veronica mars would be good at stalking ;) hehe - i love the phrase it's not boy band pop it's world class pop. I may pilfer that myself...

Poster Girl said...

Oh, but you know I love the McFly boys :) I think they're complete musical geniuses! I'm just content to let them go about their merry way and continue making their brilliant music so that I can go out and buy it and swoon and rave about it from the sidelines (as long as I get to see them perform it live some day).

Anonymous said...

I'm really sad that he passed away :( I loved his songs.