Saturday, April 14, 2007

Let's say a prayer that I'll be in your hearts forever

Let me preface this by saying that other better blogs, including Dirrrty Pop and Poplicious, have written about Silvia Night this week; it really was just coincidence, as I bought her album just recently--Tonlist has been advertising her new single for a while now, so I finally cracked and got the album--and had been planning to write about it, too.

In regards to background, if you follow Eurovision, you probably already know who Silvia Night is; she was Iceland's entry last year, and a pretty divisive entry, too. Silvia wasn't a real person, but rather a character played by an actress (sort of like Ali G), but her antics still managed to upset some people. Her song, "Congratulations," which included a phone call to God ("Hello, is it God? What's up, dog?"), didn't make it beyond the semifinals, which of course led to even more over-the-top behavior.

The Gospel Of Silvia Night--this is easily my favorite song on the album right now. The last two minutes, where it goes all pseudo-magnificent and even starts to actually sound gospel, are great. Appropriately, it essentially closes out the album, save for "Congratulations," which one could probably sort of view as a bonus track. Think of the mood of "Congratulations"--self-congratulatory, speaking down to the "little people" below--and you'll essentially get the tone of this song, though in this case it's about Silvia leaving instead of saving Eurovision.

To buy Silvia Night's album Goldmine, go here (digital), but you'll have to deal with super-strict DRM.

Next up: I'm not sure...maybe something from Finland.


Jamie said...

Thanks for the compliment Ms Postergirl but your blogs better than there!

Poster Girl said...

You're much better with words than I am! Maybe we can compromise and say we both have good blogs ;)