Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Not gonna be anything but loud

Melodifestivalen may have finished introducing new songs for the year, but there's still one thing we fans have to look forward to (besides Andra Chansen and the final): Melodifestival-related albums.

I'm not just talking about this year's Melodifestival album (and its exciting demos). We also have a number of artists who competed in this year's contest who are releasing albums. All except the last of the albums listed below is out already or will be released in the next few weeks. International customers should be able to buy any of the CDs listed below from Bengans or Megastore.

Melody Club have already released Human Harbour. You can listen to previews here.

Previews of In The Club, the new album from Danny, can be listened to here. It's only eight tracks, with one repeated from Set Your Body Free and including his earlier unnecessary cover of "In Your Eyes", but otherwise they almost all sound pretty great. Thanks to Swedish Stereo and Scandipop for the tip!

Making up for Danny's dearth of songs is Anniela's Electric, which, at fifteen tracks, includes the English version of her entry "Elektrisk" (and, somewhat bafflingly, a cover of September's "Sin Of My Own") and is out March 14. The quality ratio probably won't be quite as high, but I imagine will get some fun tracks out of it. Preview clips are here.

Swingfly is repackaging his debut album with his Melodifestival entry and a new song with Pauline. It's out March 4 and is titled Awesomeness: An Introduction To Swingfly. Yes, really. That's going straight in this year's "Best Brilliantly Ridiculous Pop Words" contenders.

Linda Bengtzing gives us one new track, "Män i uniform," on her greatest hits album. Preview it here.

Sanna Nielsen has a new album out. Unfortunately, the previews have left me underwhelmed, especially considering the nice surprise of her Celine Dion-like last album, but maybe the songs sound better in full. Thanks to Schlagerfiasko for the preview link and to Scandipop who earlier debuted clips.

Anders Fernette's years-in-the-making album Run comes out March 11. His record label uploaded a few new songs from it to SoundCloud and they pretty much sound like I expected they would--if he's never been to your taste before, they won't win you over, but they work for me (in, admittedly, a not incredibly long term way).

We don't have any new preview for Le Kid's album, but we do have a title--and, predictably for this group, it's amazing: Oh, Alright! Yes, still one of my most anticipated albums of the past few years, even if "Oh My God" did underwhelm me.


Nick said...

Any idea what the tracklist is for Anders' album? I can't seem to find it anywhere. It's weird how they don't seem to publicize things like this very well for Scandinavian albums. It's all so low-key.

Paul said...

i think i'm most excited about Le Kid, but also want Danny, Sanna, Playtones and of course Anders :) And for me, Eric will need to hurry up please!! Just about to pop Melody Club on now!

Poster Girl said...

Nick, I know Anders mentioned the tracklist on his blog here. He didn't format it very officially, though, and refers to it as "preliminary" (I think), so who knows if that's what we're actually getting.

Paul, Eric's album would have made my list, too, except I've read it's not out until summer (though that was in a vague press release, so if anyone knows more specific information, please do tell!). I agree, though--he should hurry! They must be planning on a Eurovision tie-in instead of an MF one (since they've definitely had time to anticipate a demand for it, I don't think it's a case like Måns's first album where it wasn't ready until late spring/early summer). I haven't had a chance to Melody Club's album yet, but here's hoping we both enjoy it :)

Nick said...

Oh yeah I forgot that I saw that one. Odd to kick off with Headlines, though. What about "Don't Stop"? I know a little about the MF controversy with the song, but I wonder if it will ever get a post-MF release, even just as an album track. Is the demo version floating around out there already? I'm very late to the party.

Poster Girl said...

It is a strange choice! I don't think Anders's version of "Don't Stop" is out there anywhere, though I'd be interested to hear it and hope we get to. JC Chasez's demo of it is out, though. Truth be told it's tough for me to imagine preferring Anders's version, but I just want to darn song in proper quality already--I'll buy it whoever finally puts it out.