Thursday, June 24, 2010

Use me, I know the way to paradise

How does the idea of JC Chasez singing something by the creator of Jennifer Paige and Nick Carter's charming duet "Beautiful Lie" from last year sound to you? Like not such a bad idea, right?

Don't Stop by poppostergirl

Swedish songwriter Carl Falk has an eclectic discography but has recently been delivering quality work in a way that gives you the impression he's just about to break out and get the credit he deserves soon (personally, I've got high hopes for his work with Darren Hayes). When he feels like it, he does a good job updating the Cheiron sound of the late '90s with the more electronic sound of today to create catchy, fun pop songs like this one, with its little percussion progressions sprinkled throughout the kicky, poppy beat. Unlike, say, "Beautiful Lie" or the Backstreet Boys demo "Fire & Water," "Don't Stop" is pure fun, an up-tempo romp without any real dark undertones (or any of the dirty funk of JC's own earlier work). Carl posted "Don't Stop" to his MySpace, so the safest bet is that he and JC wrote it together with the intention of selling it to another artist--it's just a demo, but it comes with the pleasant perk of being sung by JC.

Speaking of JC-penned and -sung demos, a few more have leaked this year: "Teenage Wildlife" is a "Mr. Brightside" imitator that AJ McLean recorded for his debut solo album and "Build Some Love" was a ballad Kris Allen considered using. JC has always been one of the more underrated American male singers and I still regret that his second solo album was never released. Schizophrenic, its predecessor, deserved more success than it found; it's a fun, sexy/ridiculous-in-an-entertaining-way summer album. I still carry the hope, no matter how in vain it might be, that he'll release music again in some way.

There's nowhere to buy "Don't Stop," but you can purchase JC Chasez's album Schizophrenic here (physical) or here (digital).


Paul said...

i'd have quite liked JC to be a bigger singing star than he was. Shiczophrenic was very good indeed. I like this new song and would be quite satisfied if it were a new single at some point...

Damian said...

WOW!!! I always adored JC so you can't imagine how I'm glad to get some new stuff from him even if it's just a demos. After last singles and idea of second album were robbed I don't already dream about "Don't Stop" being released by JC himself but what a pop delight it is!!! I see the point why they didn't take "Build Some Love", modern Apologize-like ballad would be out of whole picture of the album, but the song is beautiful and works well with JC's voice. "Teenage Wildlife" is very nice piece of pop as well, ok, taking "Don't Stop" to my player and gonna keep it re-playing till the end of the day :)

Poster Girl said...

It feels like if he'd been successful he just would have brought a better sense of balance to the American music scene, Paul. Sigh.

Woo! I'm glad to hear you enjoy the song :) It's definitely my favorite out of these three, but I enjoy the other two as well. I've got one more JC demo I'll have to post at some point, though it'll be more for novelty/completionists' sake ;)

Mariebee said...

How can we get these as downloads? I'd buy it but if it's just a demo..? Help??

Lee said...

I heard this song a few days ago on Carl's MySpace page. I can't get this song out of my head! It's catchy and I really think JC is the perfect one to sing it. Anyone know if he actually has writing credits on it as well?

Btw, far to underrated a musician, and talent. People are truly missing out on something amazing.

Anonymous said...

love this!!! as everything JC does, too bad we can't download it somewhere, very, very, very catchy! playing it over and over! thanks for sharing!!!

Poster Girl said...

Mariebee, I'm glad you liked it, but I don't feel comfortable posting it as a download. There are lots of ways to get streaming audio if you google around, though.

Lee, I've been looking for some sort of indication about writing credits and unfortunately haven't found anything either. Some people who generally know what they're talking about seem to think JC is a co-writer, though. I definitely agree with your assessment of JC, though!

You're very welcome! I'm glad other people are enjoying it, too.

Anonymous said...


//Carl F