Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A lover's love song without a melody

A recent mention of Moám's "Last Night In Paris" getting a release in Denmark (though I could have sworn that happened ages ago) reminded me that I've yet to feature that fantastic song here. I always just thought I'd cover it in my 2009 Favorite Singles list (which I'm sure is still highly anticipated due to its timely nature), but given my track record with promised features...well, it's probably best to spend a minute on it now.

Supposedly "Last Night In Paris" samples the theme song to Miami Vice, which I've apparently not heard enough to recognize in the song. All I hear is a fantastic trance-pop song from Danish producer Moám (Morten Hampenberg) and Swedish singer and songwriter Alice "Ace" Gernandt. Alice's sweet voice and melodies and Moám's beats create a song that has appeal beyond just the electronica community--it's pretty crossover-friendly, at least in Europe...well, mainstream dance radio-friendly, at the least. The charged beats ensure that "Last Night In Paris" still has power despite Alice's delicate voice, while her singing adds a certain romanticism to the song--the idealized romanticism of a late-night rendezvous in a city known for both its romance and its darker underbelly.

Moám has also remixed Example's "Watch The Sun Come Up," which makes perfect sense; Example's original is poppier than "Last Night In Paris," but the songs share a nostalgic appreciation for a time together that can't be recaptured and hint at the "what if"s that spring up from a one night stand (as well as lyrics that enable you to connect them into a cross-song narrative, if you're, say, into overanalyzing tracks with no basis in reality), though "Last Night In Paris" is musically darker.

If you're interested in hearing more of Alice's work, I recommend the demo "The Music Goes On," streaming on her MySpace. It's by the men behind Margaret Berger's "Will You Remember Me Tomorrow" and "Samantha" and Ninja's "Hush Hush." "The Music Goes On" isn't an electronic pop attack in the same way those songs are, but it's a sweet little song. "2 Left Feet," also streaming there, is by the same team.

You buy Moám's single "Last Night In Paris" from iTunes here depending on your country of residence.


Paul said...

by the way, due to your extended absence (that had me weeping and wailing for your return), i don't think we ever got your fave songs of 2009. Can I at least get at top ten? In the comments if you like?! Much obliged :P

Damian said...

What a nice discovery! Never heard about Moám or Ace but "The Music Goes On" in terms of little production push-up sounds like Von Der Burg side-work :) Also love "Last Night In Paris" and though my night is not in Paris I'm crazy looking for this song in hq right now!

Poster Girl said...

Paul, I'd love to :) Thank you for asking! I still harbor a thought or two of actually doing some sort of proper countdown, even if it's an abbreviated one.

Damian, you've probably found it by now, but if not, e-mail me ;) Speaking of the Von Der Burgs, I'm craving more music from them--I hope September comes back soon, or that they get someone else to release something by them!

Ace Wilder said...

Wow!!!! Who are you?! You're blog is awesome; so thorough! I'm touched by your wonderful review of our song...thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!
I didm't even know that it had been released in Denmark..

Anyways, lots of hugs for you!
Ace (Alice)

Ace Wilder said...

Sorry for all the misspellings...i was just too eager to write something! hahaha

GSpot said...

Great song! I wonder who recorded the vocals? World class!!!