Friday, June 25, 2010

I toss and turn every night

My thought process still looks something like "KYLIE KYLIE KYLIE," but here's a fifteen second interruption to bring you the news that Swedish singer Jake Oh (of the 2008 single "Up In The Blue," which sounded like a remix of a Vincent Pontare song or, if you prefer a more recent reference, a ravier version of Mike Posner's "Cooler Than Me") has a new single out.

The "leh-leh-let you in" part is pretty catchy, no? Jake sees himself as an R&B singer and there are traces of that here, along with pop (the bridge reminds me just a little bit of Ola's "Feelgood," though that's not an apt comparison for the whole song), dance (big swooshy synths!), and rock (the guitars in the first half of the chorus). He's on either his own label or a small label, so the going won't be easy for him...which makes victories in quality even sweeter for him, I'm sure.

I also recommend his sparkly new string-featuring R&B-pop song "Last Time," streaming over at his MySpace.

"Let You In" isn't available for sale yet, but it should be soon, so keep on eye on Swedish iTunes or the stores listed in the sidebar if you like what you hear.


Jessica said...

Thanks for pointing this out - I really didn't like Up in the Blue so I probably never would have listened to Let You In otherwise.

Poster Girl said...

You're welcome! I'm glad you like it (I'm guessing you do?)--it was a pleasant surprise for me, though I wish the first half of the chorus was stronger.

Damian said...

How weird I've never heard about him, he seems to be very promising songwriter (maybe a little complicated personally but unique as artist), I think we'll hear about him soon as about songwriter. "Last Time" is the best thing with biggest potential and better polished in my opinion. "Up In The Blue" made me missing Vincent even more than I did before :)

Poster Girl said...

Vincent needs to come back NOW. Or at least give us some slight hint that he has an interest in releasing more music as an artist and give us some idea of a timetable. Please, Vincent? Please?