Saturday, June 26, 2010

I see it tattooed all over your face

I know we're all still in Kylie mode (I know I am), but please tell me you have time for a biting, strutting, rock-edged pop-dance song of the highest quality.

Dirty Kissin' by poppostergirl

I enjoyed British soapstar-turned-popstar Preeya Kalidas's debut single "Shimmy" (out July 26) quite a good bit--it never stood out to me in its original incarnation on Janet Leon's album, but Preeya's version is a lot of fun in an Alesha Dixon-type way. "In My Heels" on her MySpace sounded promising, enough to keep me interested in the project. Today's song, though, which she's recorded, takes it all up a level. No, at least two levels. If this song isn't worth skipping a grade at popstar school, I don't know what is.

I'm not familiar enough with her voice yet to swear that this is her singing on the song I've posted above (to be honest, make me guess and I'd say it's a demo singer, but that's an uninformed opinion), but demo or final version--amazing. It's a hard-edged, attitude-filled pop track that demands aggressive action, be it the way one walks down a catwalk or pursues a boy. It shares a lyrical conceit or two with Sugababes' "Wear My Kiss" and maybe has a similar beat to Kat DeLuna's "Unstoppable," but it approximately 100 TIMES BETTER. It's faster, harder, punchier, catchier. Ohhh, can we talk about how catchy it is? I am going to be spitting out this chorus for days, and those guitar riffs, the biting electro pulses--yeah, they've all robbed me of my ability to write passable sentences and forced me into capitals and italics.

It's basically exactly you want as an attention-getting, "I am a proper popstar" debut. It's not an exact replica of the sound any other singer has going at the moment, and yet I have trouble seeing how fans of modern female-fronted pop-dance couldn't enjoy this. Whoever this is on this recording needs to release it NOW.

(Edit: maybe it's a little like Serebro's "Song No. 1," just in that hard beat beneath it?)


Aaron said...

Ergh...Music overrides my better grammar often, and badly! - I actually start making up works left, right and centre!

As for this though - Certainly sounds amazing! - Fingers crossed an album comes of it sometime in the near-ish future!

Poster Girl said...

Ha ha, I often have that problem, too! I'm glad you're enjoying it--I love it (yeah, it's maybe more shouty than melodic, but it's such a fun kind of shouty), so it's good to know someone else likes it.

Just for general information for anyone looking, the song is by Kalle Engstrom, Harry Sommerdahl, Celetia Martin (formerly Eden Rox; she'd be the singer if this was the demo version, I suspect, and I don't know that it really sounds like her, either, so maybe it is Preeya. I wish I knew!), and Andreas Carlsson.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little confused, who is it singing 'Dirty Kissing'? Preeya?

Poster Girl said...

Anonymous...that is a very good question. I'm not certain. I know it's a song she recorded, but I can't tell if the voice here is her or a demo singer (if it is a demo singer, I would expect it to be Celetia, but I'm not 100% certain of that fact). I'd welcome people better at recognizing her voice telling me what they think!

Anonymous said...

has this soung released yet as i'd like it, if possible could you provide me with a link as to where you attained the song. thanks