Saturday, February 26, 2011

I can't believe you're doing this to me

Melodifestivalen has been eating this blog alive for the last few weeks. If you have no interest in that Swedish contest, though, don't worry; with all the songs introduced and only two weeks remaining, you won't have much more to slog through.

If you are an international pop fan who ignores Melodifestivalen, the one entry most likely to catch your eye is Love Generation's "Dance Alone," courtesy of it being written by popular producer RedOne. The four girls of Love Generation did a great job today, coming across as having a shot at being the current best girl group offering in the world.

Still, if you only make time for one Melodifestival entry a year--heck, if you usually don't make time for any of them--there's one track I ask you to give a chance: Loreen's "My Heart Is Refusing Me." It's mid-tempo electronic pop, certainly more commercial than indie, but it has a dark undercurrent to it that, when combined with Loreen's revelation of a voice, I find haunting.

Something about that song plus that voice gets under my skin in a way I can't wholly understand. All I know is that when she gets to that chorus (especially in the post-middle eight repetition), I begin to feel like shreds of my heart are being torn away.

Loreen will be competing in the top half of the bracket in next weekend's second chance round. Unfortunately, she's slotted against some strong competitors, including the aforementioned Love Generation. Can we just send them both through? And maybe add in Jenny Silver, too?

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