Saturday, February 26, 2011

Don't need you tonight

Tonight's Melodifestival results were surprising, to say the least.

(Photo credit to Aftonbladet.)

E det fel på mej by poppostergirl

My jaw dropped (for the second time, but we'll get to that in a minute) at the news that Linda Bengtzing had won her semifinal and would be advancing straight to the final. It's welcome news for someone who loves Linda as much as I do and for anyone won over by her energetic, explosive schlager. Still, considering "E det fel på mig" is, at first few listens, not as good as her previous three entries and her staging was a little messy--not only did it seem to have taken several steps backwards into the past after the flirty, modern performance of "Hur svårt kan det va?", even the traditional old-fashioned schlager elements weren't executed as well as they could have been for the first two-thirds of the song (though Linda was a star, as always)--I was shocked that she'd been the night's top vote-getter. Shocked but, even if feeling that it was a teeny bit undeserved, pleased.

The Hunter by poppostergirl

Poor Melody Club ended up in seventh. I had inklings of trouble when I realized Kristofer's vocals weren't transferring too well to the Melodifestival context (he has a quirky voice which doesn't necessarily sound traditionally "strong" even when he's on form), but I never truly considered they'd be outside of the top five. I hope they get a radio hit out of "The Hunter"--it's the best they've sounded in years (and features a great guitar solo--seriously, how we can we have a drought of good guitar solos for so long and then have multiple so close together?)--and hope their upcoming album is of equal quality.

Nicke Borg drove the knife in even further by going straight to the final instead of Love Generation. A slick performance with pretty good vocals (a few of the girls were less good than the other two, but none were awful) and a good song had me hoping the girls would give the Melodifestival final a boost of modernity and international appeal, but even outside of the "how do we want to present Sweden to the rest of the world" dilemma, the whole package was deserving of advancing further than it did. Love Generation still have a chance to make it to the final. Unfortunately, they were sent to the top half of the second chance bracket, which means they'll be facing off against my other favorite AC contenders, Loreen and Jenny Silver.

Still, as we Melodifestival fans drown our sorrows, there's one thing to comfort us (well, one thing besides lovely Linda's fantastic direkt-till-Globen achievement): this year's songs are all finally on sale. You can buy the deluxe box set celebrating the past ten years here.


Paul said...

it certainly was the most surprising of the results. i thought LoveGen sparkled actually but i was onto several glasses of wine by then and less critical than normal :) I'm sad for Melody Club but quite thrilled for Linda B and even Nicke B... the final should be quite interesting now.

eurovisionessex said...

I wonder did I make the right choice in going to DMGP instead of staying in Malmo to see Linda B triumph at last?! I'm delighted that Linda won such a strong semi-final, but I actually think that her song this year is her strongest MF-entry yet. Yes, it's typical of Linda's particular brand of turboschlager, but to my ears it's the one which sounds the most like it could be a mainstream European hit. It's like she's arrived at the end of a wonderfully-entertaining schlager journey, and I can, for the first time, see Linda winning the ticket to Eurovision. I'm so conflicted, though, as I'm also in love with Sanna's song!

As for Denmark, well perhaps the least said about that the better. It was, however, an absolutely fantastic show and I didn't dislike any of the songs, despite beng devastated when Le Freak lost out in the super-final. I don't know how they came across on TV, but Le Freak gave a superbly charismatic performance for those of us lucky enough to be in the arena. The biggest suprise of the night had to be Stine Kinck; it was the most boring song of the night for me, and for many others judging by the number of conversations that people were having instead of watching the performance!

Poster Girl said...

Paul, I hear that's the best way to enjoy Melodifestivalen/Eurovision ;) Despite many complains from fans this year, I too think the final should be very interesting and pretty great!

Interesting! The chorus for me doesn't have the same hooky melodic strength as her earlier MF songs but you're right in saying it's the least "Sweden-only" sounding of all of them. It's still a joyful rush for me, though, and by the end of the year I'll probably be eating my words. Thanks for the Denmark report. It was a predictable if crushing result (though probably the smarter choice). I can't say I saw Stine coming either!