Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You can't take this feeling away

Straight from the "destined to be adored by a small group of people on the Internet and no more" files: the solo career of Britt Love, formerly one-half of Mini Viva.

Can't Stop Loving You (Clip) by litendark

The British duo may have been dropped and disbanded, but Britt provides an indirect way of getting way of getting your Xenomania-Mini Viva fix. She's been working with production unit Youth Kills. Included in that trio is Tim Talbot, who at one point was playing keyboards for an in-development Xenomania act.

Tim also used to be part of Lite N Dark, the duo which originally put out "Can't Stop Loving You." Britt's version is a a big step up, though, all swooshing, hands-in-the-air dance beats and vocals several steps above your average random dance song session vocalist.

The good news--well, the good news besides the fact that Britt seems poised to continue making great music--is that she's probably no longer carrying top ten expectations. With more independent backing, she's free to worry less about just making music for that "small group" and more about keeping all of her music as exciting as "Can't Stop Loving You."

There's nowhere yet to buy Britt Love's music, but you can purchase Mini Viva's excellent run of singles here (physical) or just "Left My Heart In Tokyo" here (digital).


Paul said...

Hurrah for half of Mini Viva. She's definitely giving us the Viva :) So thrilled that she's continuing... So sad that I Wish wasn't top ten for ages

BTW have you heard the new same difference album? There is a song on there that totally steals the riff from Left My Heart In Tokyo for the introduction (and for the life of me i can't remember what it's called!! Best Kept Secret or something!)

Poster Girl said...

I bought some of the songs from iTunes (mega-yay for international releases!) but I haven't bought the whole thing yet. I bought...let me see..."The Rest Is History," "Souled Out," and "Karma Karma." All great! I'll have to YouTube that song--"Tokyo" does have a great opening riff.