Sunday, July 18, 2010

You make me feel like the act of love is empty

Is there a song with sadder lyrics than Darren Hayes's "Unlovable"?

The electro-pop song's structure is flawless: the verses find the former Savage Garden singer aggressively spitting out his feelings while the chorus mixes a squelchy beat with a more expansive melody that in another context would be radio singalong fodder across the world. Musically, it's perfect. Darren could be singing almost anything and I'd love it.

Those lyrics, though. They, in all their awful emotive specificity, are what secures this song its place as one of the best things recorded in the '00s. The disgust the narrator feels for his subject and for himself, his depression, his anger, his desperation, his helplessness--I hope no one reading this ever has reason to feel "Unlovable" strikes them straight to their core, but it captures the tormented state of mind of an emotionally abusive relationship better than any song I can imagine.

"Unlovable" is on Darren Hayes's excellent second album, The Tension and the Spark, which can be purchased here (physical) or internationally on iTunes here.


Damian said...

One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. Pity that Darren goes experimental too far, I'd like to get him back to a pop-land,he's able to write some real masterpieces.

Poster Girl said...

If his last album was too experimental for you, Damian (though there some great pop-appeal songs on it in my ears), it sounds like, from what's he's said, his next one might be more of a move back towards...hmm, I don't want to say the "mainstream," but maybe just more of a big pop album.