Monday, July 19, 2010

Don't fall recklessly, headlessly in love with me

Ladies and gentlemen, the new Robyn single, "Hang With Me," via Radio 1:

Hang With Me by poppostergirl

An acoustic version appeared on Body Talk Pt I, but the song was originally released by Paoloa, a Swedish singer and former partner of Klaus Åhlund. This incarnation of the song doesn't really resemble either of its predecessors (well, predecessors to us, if not in terms of when they were made), though; it's not a traditional dance song--would you expect one from Robyn?--but its backing is much more in that direction.

"Dancing On My Own" was a total triumph, a melding of "Be Mine!" and "With My Heartbeat" that might--might--be better than either, so "Hang With Me" has a lot to live up to. Is it better? It's too early to truly judge, but perhaps not. Is it a worthy new single? Yes, oh yes.

"Hang With Me" is the lead single for Robyn's Body Talk Pt II, out September 6, as is the single. You should eventually be able to order them both from here.


John said...

I was listening to this on the plane yesterday (in its acoustic form), and it just didn't quite connect. Now I totally get it.

Damian said...

I'm so in love with it!!! Undoubtfully it's gonna be hit and gonna make second part of Body Talk successful. Thank you PG!

Robpop said...


I love Robyn. But she needs to leave Stockcity Girl well alone.

Its a good interpretation tho. I really hope it does well for her.

Paul said...

i actually really like it, just as I am belatedly appreciating Dancing On My Own. I'll be a Robyn fan yet!!

Anonymous said...

I definately prefer 'Dancing On My Own' to this, i think its just the fact that instrumentally the chorus could of been so much bigger, i keep imagining the chorus with much bigger production in my head.


Poster Girl said...

John, this definitely connects with me more than the acoustic version did, too. To me, that always felt more like the perfunctory acoustic version you get as a b-side or performed in the Live Lounge (and since it's not the original, that makes sense), so it's a relief to finally hear the real thing.

Damian, it's great that you're so enthustiastic! I hope it does the business for her, though I'm a little worried. I love it, though.

Bobby, maybe at least this will encourage more people to check out that album. I'm pretty sure it was you who introduced it to me via "Interstellar Love Affair," a song that deserves far more devotees.

Paul, what?! You're beginning to like a Robyn song? What is the world coming to... (By the way, is it the radio/video edit or the album version you're coming around to? I prefer the radio version, I think.)

Conor, I understand what you mean, even if I'm not quite on the same page. It's for the best that "Dancing On My Own" preceded this, though--it probably does pack more of an impact.