Sunday, July 18, 2010

Start to dial your number, then I disconnect

Sam Taylor's "It's A Mistake" has been featured on Fizzy Pop, Pop Trash Addicts, Chart Rigger, and many other sites and I'm months remiss in doing the same, but it's better late than never. Well, that's only slightly true since the song is no longer streaming on Sam's SoundCloud, but you can listen to other music by him on his MySpace.

Bobby of Don't Stop The Pop and Paul of My Fizzy Pop have been largely responsible for getting me to fall for the balladeering of British singer Sam Taylor. After featuring on a television soundtrack and revealing several songs last year, Sam went quiet for a little while, but he returned recently with what's easily my favorite song from him yet. "Beautiful" and "heartrending" may be overused words in the music industry courtesy of overhyped press releases, but "It's A Mistake" is the rare song that earns them.

Sam's singing conveys a desperate need and a deep fear without actually sounding desperate. He shows the skill of a good actor: allowing us to sense his emotion and the strength of it without overplaying his hand. "It's A Mistake" swells as that emotion threatens to overcome him before backing off as Sam regains control of himself for a few more seconds to continue his plea to his lover to reunite. The instrumental backing of the song, based mainly on piano and kept simple but filled out so it's more than a sketch, feels timeless, which is appropriate: the song's melody, narrative, and Sam's voice deserve nothing less.

The only place you can buy Sam Taylor's music so far is on the Beautiful People soundtrack, which is available here (physical).


Aaron said...

Yeah - I think I used the word Gorgeous about 100 times in my review of the track - It really is gorgeous, and you're exactly right about the actor line - His vocal is just...WOW!

Paul said...

I do enjoy his voice and his music immensely. There is something about him that just stands out from others of his ilk. I am STILL desperate for him to record an amazing disco classic though :)

Poster Girl said...

"Gorgeous" is a PERFECT word for his voice (and the song).

Paul, well, you know I'll always second a motion for someone to record an amazing disco classic! Do it, Sam.