Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nothing starts 'til I say go


Britney Spears's "When I Say So"--the full thing, not that tease of a clip we heard last year--has finally, finally, FINALLY leaked.

01 When I Say So by poppostergirl

On the list of songs locked away in vaults that you know exist but have never been heard, "When I Say So" has been high on my desperate-to-hear list. It's one of the songs BT created for the pop princess during the Britney era. The full story of how her work with BT went from album anchors and lead single (as the amazing "Before The Goodbye" was once meant to be) to one import bonus track ("Before The Goodbye"), a b-side ("I Run Away"), and an unreleased song ("When I Say So") can be read here. The gist, though, is this: inspired by the success of the BT-produced "Pop" by 'N Sync, Britney's people asked BT to work on material for her. When the album ended up going in the more R&B, dirty funk direction of songs like "I'm A Slave For You" by the Neptunes, the futuristic pop songs BT had created were set aside.

Now, though, like manna from pop heaven, "When I Say So" has arrived, and it's just as good as we could have imagined--not just better than most of the songs on Britney, but one of Britney's best songs, period.

"When I Say So" is not available for purchase anywhere, but you can support Britney and BT's work together by buying "Before The Goodbye" on Britney here (physical).


Paul said...

being a casual britney fan i wasn't really aware of this at all but it's rather brilliant isn't it as is the other song you point out for purchase. these two as singles from the album, along with MY FAVE BRIT TRACK EVER, overprotected would have made a great trifecta of tunes :)

Anonymous said...

When I found you by Jörgen was a wonderful track.

Damian said...

Most precious thing about it is common atmosphere, reminding about mad collecting of all that could find about Britney in Internet that time and sure some great surprises like I Run Away and Befire Goodbye. If new album is not so far than we should get a lot of new demos very soon, remember pre-Blackout leaks? I guess then we've got leaks for at least three albums, hope leaking won't be less active this time.

Aaron said...

I really hope, eventually, Britney unleashes a rarities release on us one day...Just imagine what could be on there?

That being said, Before The Goodbye is, so far Britney's greatest achievement, I think, musically, and I ADORE it!

Poster Girl said...

Interesting favorite Britney track, Paul! That's a tough thing to pick--it changes pretty often for me.

Britney is one of the queens of great unreleased/bonus/b-side material. I would love to get the chance to hear more of her locked away songs some day.

Damian, I'm trying to remember...the Circus sampler leaked in advance, but did any demos leak before that? Still, I hope she'll give us that album this year. There's something about her voice, but its intrinsic qualities and the nostalgic affection I have for it, that brings something extra to pop material.

Aaron, I would love that. Sigh. I wish. It's always great to read "Before The Goodbye" appreciation!

D'luv said...

BT's flirtation with mainstream pop was all too short. I'm not up on my unreleased Brit tracks, either. How many do you think are locked away that Max Martin did? And didn't Denniz Pop initially produce material for her? Where's *that* stuff at?

Poster Girl said...

Robbie, I agree--it feels like we missed out on this whole potential era of pop. I wish I knew the answer to your question--heck, more than that, I wish we could hear it! So much. We need someone undercover at Jive.