Monday, July 26, 2010

Things can fall apart

I love some good pop-rock. I've had trouble finding much this year (recommendations would be very welcome)--and the past few years, come to think of it--but Swedish group Fashion's "Blinded By The Dark" fits in that category.

Lead singer Jakob Erixson is the Erixson of Holter/Erixson, the production team perhaps best known for their remixes but also responsible for songs by Shirley Clamp and Kostas Martakis, amongst others. Fashion has apparently been around for a little while, but there may have been some forward motion in the past half-year. I don't know of an official single release date yet (though their site says an album, Eau de Vie, is coming this year), but at least Lionheart, the record company with which I think Jakob is affiliated as a songwriter, has mentioned them on their site now.

"Blinded By The Dark" is prettily mid-to-up-tempo pop that just happens to be played by a band. Supplemented by some chuggy backing effects (they first kick in during the second half of the first verse), humming, and piano, the song musically conveys the feeling of struggling to soar while being pulled back. I mean that as no insult--based on the lyrics, I think "troubled anthemic" as opposed to just "anthemic" is actually its goal.

Slightly tangentially, the best thing Oscar Holter and Jakke Erixson have ever done? The Holter/Erixson vs. Tom Bola remix of "Burn," one of the songs they wrote for now defunct Irish pop group Industry. Swooshy pop-dance remixes don't come much better than this.

There's nowhere to buy Fashion's "Blinded By The Dark" yet, but you can listen to several other songs on their official site here.


Damian said...

One of my most beloved last Swedish discoveries, how talented they are! I don't have any doubts that their popularity is just a matter of time. Jake has very beautiful voice, another thing that makes all Fashion's stuff incredibly pleasant and by their comments on Facebook page they obviously prepare Blinded By The Dark very soon, so let's wait.

kevin (ru) said...

This Fashion song sounds fantastic (in terms of production)! Rockers meet remixers.

Didn't know The Industry are gone. Sad to hear that.

Paul said...

loving Fashion. Quite brilliant. Sort of what I expected Gravitonas to sound like... so that's nice :) and i still mourn Industry. I'm sure Donal must have some decent songs from that era he wants to leak on the net...:P

Anonymous said...

Hi PG,
do you know anything about INDUSTRY?

Did they split? What happenend?


Poster Girl said...

I hope you're right, Damian! He does have a great-sounding voice, which is always a nice surprise with songwriters--the tone of his means he's very much worthy of coming out of behind the scenes and into his own as a recording artist.

Kevin, the production here has a lot to do with what makes the song so special, I agree.

Turnaround and Kevin, now that you both say that, you've got me questioning myself a bit--I hope I'm not spreading false information! I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that they're done, though; I'll see if I can remember where or anything else.

Or Paul might know--Paul, is that right/what happened? Dropped, I'm guessing, but I can't remember for sure. Good thought re: Gravitonas. Yes, please, Donal! There were some previews of some songs we need to have!

Paul said...

yeah industry are definitely defunct. i'm guessing dropped but maybe they just went their own ways...?

Poster Girl said...

Thanks for the confirmation, Paul!