Friday, July 30, 2010

In love and it's so overrated


Mexican group Belanova's new single, "Nada de más," comes out August 2, apparently. You can listen to a clip below. It sounds pretty fantastic, but then again, I would expect nothing less for the lead single for their new album, Sueño Electro I.

Swedish singer Nanne's new album, En Rastlös Själ, comes out October 6. It's been preceded by the singles "Otacksamhet" and "I Natt Är Jag Din," with one more, the title track, to be released August 18. The cover of the album is at left and the single cover can be viewed here. Other upcoming Swedish albums you may be interested in: Darin's Lovekiller (August 18), Ola's new album (September 15--at least, that's what I read at one point, but Ola now says that it's only 28 days away), and Robyn's Body Talk Pt. II (September 6 internationally). You should be able to buy all those albums from Bengans, though Ola's album isn't listed yet and it probably makes more financial sense to buy Robyn's album from a music distributor in your home country.

The third proper single from the reformed a1, following on "Take You Home" and "Don't Wanna Lose You Again," is "In Love And I Hate It." It's out August 4 in Norway, but the group has been performing it live recently. If you want an advance feel for what it sounds like, here's one such performance.

You know "Champagne Lemonade," that great new song from upcoming British singer Ed Drewett which I wrote about a month ago? It's co-written by Tim Powell of Xenomania. Now we know why it's so buzzily fun. Unusually, for a song coming from a member of Xenomania that we actually get to hear, its only authors are Tim and Ed.


MR. WILL-W. said...

I'm glad Xenomania are branching out. It seems odd that the same people who have supported them are somewhat backlashing them now doesn't it?

Poster Girl said...

It is a shame. To some extent, I can understand the people who loved the second, third, and fourth Girls Aloud albums not loving some of their work recently--they've definitely been trying on some different sounds--but they're still making great music. How can anyone not like Mini Viva's "One Touch"?

I do hope they'll be giving us some more songs with a fun edge to them.

Paul said...

Champagne Lemonade?! Will this conflict with my disco lemonade song I had recorded for my probably never to be released boyband novel?! GAH! :)

Poster Girl said...

If there can be as many songs about piña coladas as there have been, there can be two lemonade pop songs!