Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tune in to me every day, I'm that hit you wanna play

With so many great songs flying around, it's tough to give an accurate representation of what I'm listening to based on just my individual song posts. Here's a quick rundown of some of the new songs getting frequent spins from me that I haven't mentioned on the blog yet:

Kylie Minogure, Aphrodite
Yeah, the whole album. It's really that good. Pop-dance bliss that's left me feeling like some giddy ten year old. Kylie promised euphoria, and she delivered. The title track, embedded above, with its martial drums backing empowerment anthem lyrics, is a standout, but the whole album is fantastic--possibly the best album I've heard in at least a few years. Preorder it already (out July 6, including in the U.S.).

Kent, "Gamla Ullevi"
The Swedish rock band's best single in years. The group's detour into a more electronic sound recently caught my ear, but it felt as if at the same time they'd lost the strong melodies to make those interesting-sounding songs truly worthwhile. "Gamla Ullevi," with its gunfire synths, earworm chorus, and catchy whistling, finally has the best of both worlds. Via Swedish Stereo.

Miley Cyrus, "Permanent December"/"Two More Lonely People"/"Scars"/"Robot"/"Take Me Along"
My picks for the best songs from the new Miley Cyrus. "Liberty Walk" may be seriously overrated, but that doesn't mean that infernally catchy electro-pop "Permanent December" (above) shouldn't be blaring out of cars all summer (heavy auto-tune or not), that the galloping "Two More Lonely People" isn't a perfect combination of Miley's electronic turn with what you feel are her more rock instincts, that "Scars" isn't an excellently made pop-rock song spiced up with a little more electro flavor that is a lot better than you'd expect a song with that title to be, that "Robot" manages to overcome Miley's vocals getting buried in the chorus to and "I'm throwing off the shackles of your pop production powerhouse to declare my independence" lyrics to actually really good, that "Take Me Along" isn't actually an excellent pseudo-ballad (emphasis on the pseudo, thanks to the production)--and doesn't mean that at least half of this album isn't worth your time and money.

Maroon 5, "Misery"
Speaking of blaring out of cars all summer...that's what I'm demanding happen for the new single from Maroon 5. "Misery" is begging to be played while you drive around in the sun for the next few months. It's a bit like a lighter, fluffier version of "Makes Me Wonder" or "If I Never See Your Face Again," but probably better. I love this group, but let's just take a moment: thank goodness for Mutt Lange. His production work is just so clean, so polished, so everything-just-where-it-should-be--there's workmanlike and then there's "I'm an effing professional/genius and I know what I'm doing, so just let me tweak your already great song in a million little ways you never could have thought of to make it so ridiculously appealing that RESISTANCE. IS. FUTILE." The man knows what he's doing.

Ed Drewett, "Champagne Lemonade"/"Parallels" (stream here)
Forget that whole Professor Green thing. Pop-R&B singer Ed Drewett (co-writer of the Wanted's "All Time Low") has been working with people like Cutfather and Paul Statham, with the best result so far being "Champagne Lemonade." Without hearing it in full quality, it's tough to fully judge, but the Calvin Harris-style production behind lyrics like "all because he buys you champagne, I buy you lemonade/Makes him something of a Casanova" is begging for summer airplay, at least on my headphones. Another demo on his MySpace, "Parallels," is by Cutfather and has a great ravey musical backing. The topline is a little simple, but maybe that's for the best given everything going on in the background.

05 Hitman (Remix) by poppostergirl

Jessie and the Toy Boys, "Hitman"
Popjustice introduced me to the new incarnation of Jessie Malakouti, this time backed by several mannequins. Though I still want to own Xenomania-penned "Who's That Man," the chorus of "Hitman" is going some way to making up for her moving on to new songwriters. Seriously, stick it out to the chorus (or skip ahead to it if you need to)--it's energy jolt kind of stuff. The clip of "Perfect Shade Of Red" over on Popjustice sounds great, too. Listen to more songs at her official site.

Brandon Flowers, "Crossfire"
Brandon is channeling second album Killers in both facial hair and music style. If you'd asked me about his new solo project ahead of time, neither would have been my first choice. Why, then, are both choices working so well for me? Maybe it just all comes down to a good melody...and someone pushing him away from the pervert-next-door grooming choices into just pleasant scruff.

Lolene, "Radio" (stream here)
As featured on Idolator and Pop Trash Addicts. Pop-dance that, to be honest, is a whole level above what I was expecting from this British girl being launched in the U.S. I always just saw her as (eek) one of those "Internet buzz acts." The sweet, fresh "Radio" implies she's certainly more than that.

Tove Styrke, "Million Pieces"
Swedish Idol contestant goes commercialized-indie-electro-pop for her debut release. On the first listen, "Million Pieces" starts off slowly, in a style a bit like a quicker Lykke Li's "Little Bit," but the poppier chorus is delivers and from the second chorus through the end, the song just gets better and better--it builds in just the way you'd hope a song from Tove would. Via Swedish Stereo.

Also getting played: most of the new albums from Example and Delays. Possibly more later on at least one of those, though. Oh, and Kevin Rudolf's "You Make The Rain Fall," after #1 Hits From Another Planet mentioned it.


Paul said...

oh so much very good stuff here. of course i'm on board with the amazing nerina pallot penned title track to effortlessly amazing Kylie album. And although diametrically different, i do love the Killers, uh, I mean B-Flo song AND the Maroon 5 song, the latter makes me so happy each time I hear it...And Miley, Two More Lonely People and Permanent December are both utterly amazing. I'm so loving the album. I've even totally re-evaluated my feelings towards Can't Be Tamed...

Aaron said...

AAAARGGGH! - You beat me to it! - I ADORE Radio - And I was going to recommend it to you! - It reminds me a lot of Velvet's masterpiece My Rhythm!

Kylie = Always amazing

Must hear Miley - Sounds awesome!!

Damian said...

I'm realy trying to get in Miley Cyrus' music but can't, Permanent December is probably first intriguing thing giving me a hope that there's something more for me on the last album.
Barndon's song is really-really my type of music last time but watching bearded Brandon I just see totally unfamiliar person :))
I'm so ashamed not to give Kylie's album listen yet, I didn't hear yet any not loveable piece of it, it's gonna be real pop-classics.
Thanx for mentioning SS ;) Tove entered Top-20 of iTunes few days ago so I have hopes girl will be noticed and her future performance on Allsång På Skansen will give her a good push, also need to write about Kent's album finally listening quite carefully to it as from the first fast listen I didn't find a lot of stuff for me but need to give it more attention.
I should also thank you dear for 2 most played discoveries of last few weeks - Mr. Tokyo and Don't Stop ;)

D'luv said...

I, too, have been playing Aphrodite's title track non-stop, as well as "Get Outta My Way." Seven days later, and I've listened to that album the whole way through at least twice a day.

The Maroon 5 single is growing on me. Posted my thoughts on the full music video just a little bit ago. Raunch fest, as you can imagine....on my part.

Thanks for the Lolene/Idolator mention :)

Robpop (of dontstopthepop) said...


Kylie! Such a great album. I am reeling from its exuberance. Its rather brilliant. I held out on listening to the album - only just heard it today (the day of release). I must say...its very good.

I will put aside Kylie however and listen to these other tips tomorrow.

Poster Girl said...

Both Nerina's songs are just perfect. Ha ha, yeah, Brandon's song is very the Killers, but I guess if the song is strong enough, that's fine.

Aaron, well, it's good we're on the same page about it! It's definitely got me interested to hear the album, whereas I wasn't really before.

I've never been the biggest Miley fan (I did love "See You Again" and appreciated a few other songs by her), but this latest album is definitely better than her earlier work. The Armato/James songwriting team/Rock Mafia songs, which I expected to be my favorites, aren't, which either speaks to the other songs being really good or Rock Mafia letting me down a little. I'm disappointed to hear that about Kent's album but that's good news about Tove! I really hope the song does well for her. You're very welcome, of course :) but it's only fair given you give me so many great songs to listen to.

Robbie, "Get Outta My Way" is slightly ahead of "Aphrodite" in my affections at the moment, but it's a day-to-day toss-up. Not a bad dilemma to face! Your post on the "Misery" video did make me laugh--one of those "thank goodness for Chart Rigger because who else would review it like this" moments.

Good for you for holding out (I definitely couldn't!)--it's 100% worth it. Bliss. Exuberance. Euphoria. Everything.