Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Do you believe that you can fall in love at first sight?

Fantastic Swedish pop group Le Kid's summery single "Mercy Mercy" is available for purchase now in Swedish digital music stores. Though "Mercy Mercy" has been available for several months in Denmark, it's the group finding success in their home country that I'm most worried about--like many countries, Sweden doesn't always have the best record of supporting its up-and-coming pop acts that don't have the benefit of some prior publicity to get them off to a good start--so I highly recommend buying "Mercy Mercy" here, from a Swedish site you can use regardless of your country of residence. I do understand, though, that most people will be turned off by the one-two punch of 1.) a website in Swedish (though Google Translate is always helpful and if you've ever used a credit card online you can pretty much guess what all the blanks are for) and 2.) a protected WMA file, not an mp3 (which you can work around by burning the file to a CD, preferably a rewritable one, and then ripping it back). Hopefully, though, when the song is released in a more international-friendly way, you'll buy it if you like it.

In the meantime, enjoy "We Should Go Home Together," probably the most dance-friendly, joy-filled Le Kid song we've heard yet. Though the video is of a live performance, I think the audio track has been supplemented with a post-performance addition of the studio version of the song. It sounds a little like the S/A/W sound updated for today and comes complete with crowd-friendly, generation-rousing "ooo ooo ooo"s in the middle 8.


Damian said...

Nice to see how we hardcore pop-followers are getting into Le Kid :) They really deserve it and it's just a question of time when the rest of the world will understand their brilliance also. New song is another great example of it :)

Anonymous said...

i love them!
they are the ultimate combination of kitsch and intelligence.


Paul said...

finally Le Kid are moving their career forward. It seems yonks since I was reading here and DSTP about them. Mercy Mercy still sounds shockingly fresh and wonderful!!

Poster Girl said...

Damian, they're a group tailor-made for people who love pop, on all levels--how they act, what they listen to, and, most importantly, the music they make. A dream come true.

Anna, that is a perfect description. I wish I'd come up with one so apt and succinct!

It does ("Mercy Mercy"). We've had to wait a while, but I hope they've used that time to set themselves up for success--I don't want to think about a world where they don't find it.