Sunday, May 30, 2010

To make you smile

We interrupt this Swedish pop binge to bring you the following news: Tom Fletcher... looking mighty fine lately.

(On an unrelated note, Danny's voice is still, for lack of a better phrase, just what I want it to be.)

Please, pop gods and goddesses, let me love the next McFly album.

Anyway, further evidence for the prosecution:

To swerve back into music appreciation, the supposed raison d'etre for this blog, here they are performing one of my favorite, favorite songs by them, "Falling In Love."

The overlapping, in round part in the middle 8? In the studio version, one of the most swoon-worthy pop moments I know (here, they delegate some of the singing to the crowd, so the effect isn't quite the same).


Anonymous said...

Swooon I love them. Too Close For Comfort is so good. I never listen to Radio:Active even though half of it is quite good. I hope they carry on where Wonderland left off with the new album.

Poster Girl said...

I never really listen to Radio:ACTIVE, either. The live performances did help me appreciate some good songs at the base of that album, but they tend to be dressed up in ways I don't love (the exceptiong being "Falling In Love," which I'd put up with the best of their work). I know they can make another album I love, though. As cohesive and pushing-them-ahead as Wonderland or as big, bold, and colorful as the best songs on Motion In The Ocean, either will work...or something else unexpected but great. Just so long as the "great" is part of it.

Paul said...

i glazed over as soon as I saw Tom (in a yummers way) and then put We're The Young and Transylvania on :P

Poster Girl said...

Those songs are just so BIG and catchy and pretty much the exact artistic direction I love the most from them. I do kind of like some of those recent leaks, though--heck, I've probably already played some of them more than some of the songs on Radio:ACTIVE.

Anonymous said...

That first comment was mine btw because it didn't let me sign in as me.

Poster Girl said...

That was you? I didn't know we shared a love of McFly! Thank goodness--there are too few people online to appreciate them with.