Friday, May 28, 2010

This is the time you've been waiting for

Swedish group Da Buzz may fall into the category of "for those who love what you think of when you say 'Swedish pop' only"--that is, their work is seen as too cheesy and formulaic in some eyes--but for those of us who are in the former group, it's tough to find a more reliable act to turn to for good, usually dancey pop songs.

"Let Me Love You" from their first album is as good an indication as any of their sound. It's from 2000, and it sounds like it, a stylistic mix of Cheiron and dance pop with a sweet melody.

Their 2003 Melodifestival entry "Stop! Look! Listen!" does sound better in its studio version than live, but still included a good vocal performance from lead singer Annika and deserved far better than fifth in its semifinal. It's a little less dancey, a little more poppy, and one of my favorite things they've done.

On the other side of things is the purer dance sound of "Without Breaking," a single from their last studio album which is produced by the Jonas Von Der Burg of September fame. The harder electronic beats and little electronic squiggles make this track harder-hitting than many Da Buzz songs, but it's still in keeping with their aesthetic.

After a greatest hits album a few years ago, the three-person group has been on a break, with the members pursuing different projects, but this summer they've returned with a new single, "U Gotta Dance." I have a pretty bad track record of judging Da Buzz songs right off the bat, with a tendency to underrate them, but I feel pretty confident in saying that 1.) "U Gotta Dance" will win them no new converts, but 2.) fans will be happy. Da Buzz includes some pretty talented musicians, so really, we shouldn't be surprised, but still: thank goodness they're back.

I'm not sure when the single for "U Gotta Dance" is coming out, but the song is included on the compilation album Bodywork 11, which you can buy here (physical).

(This post was going to include something about the new Magnus Carlsson single--out, available on iTunes internationally, and sounding like Star Pilots meets Velvet--and the new Ola single--called "Overdrive," co-written by Sharon Vaughn, at radios, as yet unheard by me--but it's already a bit long and I still, as mentioned, haven't heard the latter yet.)


Paul said...

i really only got into Da Buzz because of the greatest hits, but i quite like the direction they are now heading in. I'm pleased with the new Magnus single AND bside - and can't wait to hear OLA, or your thoughts on both :)

Olivier said...

Wow! Thanks for this great news!
Well, U Gotta Dance, isn't a real stormer, but still good to listen. Can't wait to hear more of this comeback.
Oh, and their official website says the single will be out on 7th June (probably download only...?).

Can't wait to listen to Ola's new single and the new single from Magnus is great, even though I might prefer the b-side...
(Oh, and it was me for the Q.Mosimann info :p).

Damian said...

Oh fantastic news, finally they are here! Not a bomb that I expected but definitely cool track.
Isn't it weird that guys are not with Annika on the cover??? Maybe they are not gonna participate in touring at all being busy with Broken Door and Renegade Five?

Poster Girl said...

Paul (and Olivier), I'm nervous about the new Ola song--supposedly it's a new direction for him and like nothing else on the album. Paul, for most people, I'd say the Da Buzz greatest hits is the way to go; though they do have some great album tracks, there's enough to enjoy on the GH, and that way there's list risk of feeling worn out on similarity.

Thanks for the release date news! ...and the Quentin tip, too :) I should have guessed it was you! Great album, one I'll have to write more about.

Now that you say that, Damian (and now that I see the cover), it is kind of strange. We'll have to keep our eyes open for explanations!