Wednesday, June 02, 2010

You're gonna let me get away

Via the Cheiron forums comes one of the songs on my current "Now" playlist, Dutch singer Susanna Kay's "Off The Hook."

Though Susanna isn't the first singer to release this song, her version is the one I prefer. The music video, done on a more limited budget than an American act would have, belies the quality of the song, which is a pretty great pop-rock-with-electronic-touches track, less frothy and sunshiny than "Hot N Cold" or "My Life Would Suck Without You" but with maybe a bit more bounce than a song from Vanessa Amorosi's latest album. As is the case with any song but especially those in a de jour style, "Off The Hook" pretty much lives or dies on the strength of its hooks, which are strong enough to make the snotty subject matter nearly irrelevant. I know this is a song destined to go unappreciated outside of the small circle of us European pop devotees--I wouldn't really demand anything better for it--but I know there's an audience for it out there.

To buy Susanna Kay's single "Off The Hook," go here (digital).


Anonymous said...

Ahh it has been so long, so thrilled your posting again.

Have you heard 'Love Generation' by girlband of same name yet?
Another cheesy RedOne track for 2010, its rather like his stuff with A*Teens really

I think you would really like 'Tesla Boy', the whole album is brilliant 80s electropop style fun in the style of Chromeo, and Private (of 'My Secret Lover' amazingness)
This is 'Electric Lady' one of many masterpieces.


Damian said...

I've been thinking around half of hour what this song reminds me till realized that Veronicas' "4ever". I don't know anything about other versions but I really like this one, I need to visit forum more often not to miss things like this :)

Poster Girl said...

Hey Conor! It's great to hear from you again. Rix FM seems to play "Love Generation" ALL THE TIME, so though I was a bit "OK" about it at first, it's grown on me to where I enjoy it more than that. Good fun summer pop. Tesla Boy is new to me, though, and that's a great song! I'm surprised there's not more being written about him.

It definitely owes a lot to that song (and other Max/Luke tracks). Bunch of Swedish writers, if I remember correctly--they can be pretty good at channeling past popular trends and styles. "4ever" not being a major, major hit here in the U.S. is still a crime!