Thursday, September 24, 2009

Take you to the end of the Earth

One of my songs of the moment comes from Trixie. British singer DollFace was a member of never-got-off-the-ground girl group Silhouettes, whose retro pop song "Surrender" Popjustice wrote about. Demo "Ms. Jamaica" has a very different sound than "Surrender," but I like it even more. Apparently co-written by Jasmine Baird, it's modern electronic pop with production elements that Trixie rightly compares to RedOne, though it's more a useful reference point for writers than real copying on the part of its creators. There's something special about how its synths slice and dice--gently--and about the attitude and delivery DollFace brings to the song...something very commercial but with just a bit of mystery to it--the sort of song that, like Mandy Moore's "In My Pocket," you listen to as you explore a new city...something that gets you hoping she and her collaborators will be able to keep up this level of material.

On another front, "Boomerang," another demo on her MySpace, sounds really familiar to me--anyone able to place it?


Anonymous said...

Heyy, long time no speak, how have you been?

I do rather like this song and the Samsaya song to.
I hear Darin is working on new material which is always good news, hopefully a new Danny Saucedo album is on the way to along with a new Ola album?.

The album i started writing last year with my band is finally making progress, ive finished writing all the songs now just in the process of recording so you should hear something soon.
Id describe the majority of it as Tribal Europop.
A Kat Deluna meets NeYo kind of sound.


Anonymous said...

Oh and speaking of Kat Deluna.
Shes finally back in the studio recording new album with RedOne, video of them in the studio.

If theres anything like Animal or In The End then its going to amazing x

Paul said...

oh i like this. i love the weird slightly disturbing effects at the beginning! And i'd say it has more in common with the Benny whatsit mix of Madonna's Celebration (in the verses at least!)

Poster Girl said...

Hey Conor! Great news about your own album--your description of the sound sounds exciting, so definitely keep us posted! I've been slacking off in the following Ola department, but you'd sure think we'd be getting something this fall, wouldn't you? Apparently he says he's just written his future classic summer 2010 song, so he'd best have an album ready in advance of that if he can already be thinking that far to the future! I haven't heard anything about Danny--is he working on new material? "In The End" is a GREAT song--I'm looking forward to hearing what they come up with!

I should listen to that remix, Paul! Ha ha, I think the weird effects aren't part of the song, just the video--you don't hear them on the MySpace version, anyway. They do get your attention though, don't they?