Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'll never find nobody else, babe


What the heck is "I'll Never Love Again" doing on the tracklist for Taio Cruz's second album? Granted, I've spent a year complaining that that track from his first album was never a single and it's one of the songs that played a big role in getting me to buy that album, but (unless it's a different song with the same title), I do NOT want people getting inspired by all this "Radar" ridiculousness. For heaven's sake, it was the FIRST TRACK on Departure.

It's still a beautiful sad modern R&B-pop mid-tempo ballad, though.


Nikki said...

It's really one of the most brilliant songs on that album - it kept me listening! For crap's sake I do agree, it should've been a single!

Poster Girl said...

Totally agree! I mean, I know the singles he took off the album were generally pretty good-to-great, but that really was one of the album's best songs.

Yuяi said...

Why have I not heard this song yet? I am ashamed of me. Great song indeed!

Poster Girl said...

I'm glad you like it, Yuri! When Jessica posted it on Into The Groove, it played a big role in me buying his album.