Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I close my eyes, I fall through time

Apropos of nothing, Australian singer (and former Bardot member) Sophie Monk's six year old album track "Come My Way" is still pretty amazing, in that same "wow, what is this amazing song doing sitting here as an album track?" way that A*Teens' "Closer To Perfection" is.

Apparently someone agreed, since Japanese singer Namie Amuro later covered it.

Still, my preferred version is Sophie's, a grown-up modern dance-disco-pop song full of distant longing, solidified in the realm of perfection with its piano and string riffs--one of those sadness-tinged songs to dance the night away to.

If you force me to connect this post to something actually currently relevant, Lake Heartbeat, a blog-featured Swedish indie-credible disco-pop project which features one of "Come My Way"'s co-writers, just released their debut album Trust In Numbers. That's not necessarily a recommendation--I haven't listened to it yet.

"Come My Way" is on Sophie Monk's only solo album, Calendar Girl, which you can buy here (physical) or here (digital).


Paul said...

3 things:

Love the word apropos. Love it.
Haven't listened to Sophie Monk (or Bardot) for ages, but now absolutely have to and am slightly peeved that I have to wait til I get home :/
A*Teens - Closer To Perfection. About as close as any pop song could get I'd wager.

Poster Girl said...

It's just one of those touch-of-class words, isn't it? I should try using it more in daily life, see what happens. Agreed on A*Teens, for sure.