Wednesday, September 16, 2009

They never listen and they talk too much

Getting spins from me recently: Janet Jackson's "Make Me," covered well at #1 Hits and XOLondon. Apparently it's by Darkchild, which might prompt me to finally finish my week-old "Darkchild is on a roll recently" post.

Speaking of modern grown-up dance-meets-pop: Ysa Ferrer--amazing (with a hat-tip to Aces at the PJ Forums). Why have I not been listening like crazy to her already? Impeccably produced French dance-pop--the kind that probably has substance to it. "Sens interdit" isn't her current single (which is the possibly more fun, more musically intense, and also great but maybe just barely not quite as much so "Last Zoom"), but it was released as a single this year (albeit just barely...January), which means I can count it for my eventual singles countdown. Thank goodness. Expect more about her.

This news comes several months too late, but since Paula Lobos's awesome über-cute dance-influenced pop song "Touch The Light," which Don't Stop The Pop introduced me to, is actually playlisted on P3, here's the video for it:

It was co-written by RamPac, the duo behind Swingfly's equally awesome "Singing That Melody" and "Touch And Go." "Touch The Light" doesn't bear any genre similarities to either of those two hip-pop-rock songs, but it shows a similar ear for an adorable bubbly pop hook, like that of "Touch And Go."

"Touch The Light" is available on iTunes internationally here or you can buy a digital copy regardless of your country here.

Dolly Rockers' new single, "Boys Will Be Boys," is not the song that first hooked me on them, "How Did I End Up With You?", but it is great. It opens with a Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold" style electronic bounce before going into what Paul called Veronicas-ish singing in the bridge and chorus (for some reason it makes me think of the Veronicas doing the chorus in their demo of "All About Us," only with more complete production). If you've only liked "How Did I End Up With You?" so far and found their other material a bit too novelty for you, "Boys Will Be Boys" may help win you over.


Paul said...

Janet - loving it. Apparently from a #1s album?
Dolly Rockers - loving it. Some promotional company they are working with asked me for questions for them, but i can't think of anything witty or urbane other than "what the fuss happened with Gold Digga?!"

Poster Girl said...

Interview questions always seem like they'd be SO tough--I don't know how you've done the ones you have, Paul! I don't know whether submitted-in-advance, non-face-to-face interviews or in person ones would be worse--less starstruck with the former but harder to follow the flow of answers and change your questions accordingly. Anyway, great song from them, and great one from Janet.

RV said...

More, more, more about Ysa Ferrer on my MySpace page and blog where I reviewed her album "Imaginaire pur", which, like "sens interdit" is an absolute must-have for every popdance fan around the world :)
is it too much?
she's absoluteleee faaaaaaaaaabulous :)

Yuяi said...

The Dolly Rocker tune is good. Very unlike that first single, but I am liking very much!