Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Leave the past behind

A couple of promo things I've been meaning to mention, but, ridiculously, haven't yet:

I've written about the amazing London-based club night Scandipop before, but Tuesday the 29 provides an extra reason to get excited about the work its creator does: BWO will be performing. The flyer above contains all the information. I'd love to go if I wasn't across an ocean from it.

I'm currently moonlighting--along with a bunch of other great bloggers--as a panelist over at Pop Trash Addicts Pop Panel. This week's results find me being about as middle-of-the-road on everything as it's possible to be, but luckily the rest of the panel makes up for it...a panel that this week includes Robyn Loau. Mike may play up the trashy aspect of his choices for us to review, but it's also true that his panel is doing one of the best jobs of introducing people to great music they might not otherwise take the time to listen to.


Paul said...

fly over for BWO! I'm sure BobPops and I will keep you entertained! What's an excessive credit card debt in this day and age?!

Poster Girl said...

Paul, nothing, right? I mean, everyone has them--they must be in fashion. I'm not sure whether a night with you and Bobby would leave me exhilarated or ashamed...