Monday, May 11, 2009

We can wait up all night

Since Aqua reformed, we've been waiting a long time for anything to come about as a result. Now, finally, the group has a greatest hits album set for release June 15 in Denmark and Sweden, and supposedly it will have some new material on it (earlier articles reported the group was working on several songs), or at least one new song. I don't speak any Danish, but that's what I'm taking away from "en stribe helt nye ørehængere" (if you do know the language, though, please let me know). Read the official information on CDOn, which doesn't have an official tracklisting posted yet.


Paul said...

i don't know if it's new or old, but i'm loving the album cover shot. I would love some new material from them :) I was just listening to Around The World this very morning!!

kevin (ru) said...

Hi PG! I finally met Fredrik Kempe on Sunday. I was so nervous that couldn't remind him the title of my favourite song ("Why Do You Lie When You Say That You Love Me"). Fredrik said he has too many orders now so he's not thinking about his solo material.

Also there was beautiful Shirley! I had her signed MF-single with me, which my friends brought me from Stockholm. She was amazed to see it in Moscow. I said that hope to see her as a ESC entrant some day, and she replied "I hope, too!"

Yesterday night there was a Swedish ABBA party, and the final "Thank you for the music" was delivered by the whole Malena's choir including the goddess named Dea, plus Christer Bjorkman, Fredrik, Shirley and Malena.
A nice gift for my 30th birthday today!

More photos from me:

Robpop said...

Finally. This has been ages in the making. The cover reminds me of the Army Of Lovers greatest hits cover released some time ago (the one with the sex toy).

So.."Back To the 80's" will be on the album. A song that has been upgraded to single status. New songs, according to Soren, are My Mamma Said.. and Live Fast - Die Young.


Poster Girl said...

Paul, no idea if it's new or old either, but yes, bring on the new material!

Kevin, I am happy beyond words for you (well, maybe the lack of words comes a little bit from envy)! Meeting Fredrik and Shirley, going to that party...thank you for the link to your pictures, which both help and hurt with the jealousy. Happy birthday!

Robpop, thanks for the information! I'd read something about "Back To The 80's" but couldn't find an official source (not that I looked very hard), so I didn't mention it, but at least three new songs (well, previously unreleased, if not actually super-new) is welcome news.