Monday, May 11, 2009

Is it possible to love with a broken heart?

A few random bits of news about new-ish songs:

I just noticed that you can stream many of the Dolly Rockers' songs on, including, most importantly, the studio version of "How Did I End Up With You" (or "How Did I End Up With U?" or "How Did I End Up With You?" or "How Did I End Up With U" me is suffering). While you're there, if you've not listened to them before, give "Gold Digger" a try, too; their debut single, "Je Suis Une Dolly," is good, too, but it has a much more "novelty single" sound. In other news about the British girl group, the picture on Popjustice from a photoshoot with them looks great.

It looks like Måns Zelmerlöw's new single is "Hold On." Good song, although not one of my ultimate favorites on the album. "Forever" is crying out to be a summer single, although maybe that's more in my head than in terms of what Swedish radio would actually play.

This Must Be Pop's discovery Jonas Oakland has a new single out (it should be on international iTunes stores shortly). It's called "Stay," is Swedish disco-dance-pop in the vein of his first single "Beat Of My Heart," and is for sale now. Definitely one that's just for the hardcore Swedish pop addicts, but I thought some people besides me might like to know. Stream it on his website.

Speaking of things you lovers of poppy dance music from Scandinavia are likely to enjoy, I'm so grateful to Scandipop for pointing us all in the direction of Friðrik Ómar's (a.k.a. the male half of Eurobandið and the singer of "Eldur," the second best song in Iceland's 2007 national final) "I Wanna Know." It's another Örlygur "Öggi" Smári (the man behind Páll Óskar's comeback and Eurobandið's "This Is My Life") creation and, though not quite as great as "This Is My Life," it is definitely enjoyable; it also seeks a different vibe, less celebratory and more pensive, saddened but hopeful dance. Listen to it on his MySpace.

I've been playing Cobra Starship's "Good Girls Go Bad," featuring Leighton Meester, a decent bit these past few days. Melismatic's description of the song, "cookie-cutter power-pop emo glitter," is unbeaten.


Mel said...

The more you talk about the Dolly Rockers, the more I mean to look more into them...

Thanks for the shout out! :) I haven't quite gotten in to the Cobra Starship track just yet...but it always lingers there in my iTunes library, telling me to give it a chance...

Paul said...

i think Dolly Rockers are playing on the stage at Birmingham Pride (along with a much reduced S Club, Star Pilots, Red Blooded Women and er, Frixion!) so i will be checking them out. I'm not taken with the novelty esque first single but that doesn't mean they can't win me over!!

I'm marginally disappointed in Mans' single choice. I would've picked Home or Forever. Oh well. There is always single number three. And what with Take That releasing Said It All (inexplicably if you ask me) i'm used to being disappointed (what's wrong with Hold Up A Light For Me?!)

Friðrik is pretty isn't he :P

Anonymous said...

u need to check out french band, Superbus' new single "Addictions". it's wicked!

Poster Girl said...

Ha ha, Mel, you just know you want to try it again... It IS cookie-cutter, but very good cookie-cutter (for me).

Paul, as I said there, the song to start with is definitely "How Did I End Up With You," not the novelty-sounding lead single (which I like, but understand people not liking)! I almost mentioned "Home"--if he wanted to do something slightly "cooler" or, that would have been a good choice. "Hold Up A Light": amazing. Easily the best not-yet-a-single song on that album. Friðrik is not my type but I can understand the appeal :)

Anonymous, thanks for the tip! I've been meaning to listen to that album for months now--I really should--and mention that single on here.

Ken said...

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